If the pregnancy passes without complications, then there are no obstacles to sex during this period. Obstetricians and gynecologists believe that in the absence of contraindications, sex during pregnancy is useful, because it is one of the ways to maintain and strengthen the old intimacy, and just enjoy, enjoying the intoxicating release of happiness hormones. In any case, you need to keep in mind that each trimester has its own characteristics, and it is important to know in what position to have sex, being in an interesting position.


Sex positions during pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you can continue to practice your favorite poses, but in the second and third trimesters, an actively growing belly imposes restrictions. From the 12th – 13th week, experts advise abandoning the positions in which the woman lies on her back, since the heavier uterus threatens to pinch the vessels and impede blood circulation. As a result, you will get dizziness, weakness and nausea.

Here are some comfortable pregnancy positions that doctors say are the safest for the second and third trimesters.

“Rider”: the man lies or sits, the woman is on top

pros: no pressure on the stomach, the partner herself controls the depth and strength of the frictions.
Minuses: in the last trimester, it is already quite difficult to actively move, and deep penetration, easily achievable in this position, can cause discomfort.
Solution: move not up and down, but only back and forth – this will facilitate physical activity.


Knee-elbow posture: woman on all fours, man behind

pros: One of the most comfortable positions during pregnancy, which allows you to avoid even the slightest tension in the back muscles. If your arms are tired, you can lie down, resting your chest on the cushion.
Minuses: a man is easily carried away and increases the range of motion, which can be traumatic for both mother and fetus.
Solution: control the situation and stop the process at the slightest discomfort.

Spoon position during pregnancy: a woman with her back to a man, on her side

pros: no extra movements – one of the partners, if desired, can do nothing at all, but only relax.
Minuses: there are none, the main thing is to make sure that the man does not press his hand hard on the partner’s stomach.



“Reverse Cowgirl”: woman on top, turned back to man

pros: in this position, pressure on the stomach and strong shaking are excluded. A woman can regulate the pace and amplitude of frictions. Increased stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina, adjacent to the clitoris, and therefore more likely to achieve orgasm.
Minuses: the back of the partner is quite noticeably tense.
Solution: if you have problems with the spine, it is better to lie on the back of the man.

Against the wall: standing, the man is behind, the woman rests her hands against the wall

pros: a comfortable position for the first two trimesters, as long as the pregnant woman does not experience excessive stress.
Minuses: not suitable for late dates or large fetuses.
Solution: when the stomach is already large, it is better to use the knee-elbow position.


What to do if you do not want to have sex during pregnancy

If the doctor does not recommend having sex, you need to take his words seriously. Such a ban, as a rule, has serious physiological justifications: if the pregnancy proceeds with complications, then uterine contractions during orgasm and active influence on the area close to the cervix can provoke bleeding and lead to miscarriage. Then there is no longer a question about in what positions you can have sex during pregnancy, it is better to stop altogether for now.


In particular, sex will have to be abandoned:


  • with a confirmed threat of miscarriage, as well as if the previous pregnancy (one or more) ended unsuccessfully;
  • with the diagnosis of “isthmic-cervical insufficiency of the cervix”;
  • with placenta previa (high risk of placental abruption and subsequent bleeding);
  • any vaginal bleeding or unusual heavy discharge;
  • if you have multiple pregnancies (your doctor may recommend not having sex after 28 weeks).

oral sex during pregnancy

Since infection can be easily transmitted orally, it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests and exclude (or cure) all possible diseases. Some experts do not recommend cunnilingus during pregnancy, but blowjob is quite safe – of course, if there is no toxicosis.


I do not want and I will not!

Far from all couples during the partner’s pregnancy, thoughts about sex cause great enthusiasm, but if a woman can explain the change in her mood and needs with hormonal fluctuations, then a man will have to be much more difficult – he must justify his unwillingness to have intimate relationships with his wife extremely correctly. The main “excuses” on both sides usually lie in the “presence” of the caresses of the “third” (of course, we are talking about the baby), the “incredible fragility” of the pregnant woman’s body and the fear of “damaging something.”



Remember that there are many safe positions that will allow you to continue your intimate life during pregnancy. Do not be afraid, the baby is reliably protected by nature from your expansion. The baby is protected by amniotic fluid, uterine walls, fat layer, connective tissues and muscles of the mother’s abdomen. And the neck is also tightly clogged with a mucous plug. Even uterine contractions during orgasm will not frighten the baby, because this is the norm for a muscular organ. In addition, if you look into the anatomical atlas, it becomes clear that the fetus is much higher and deeper than the vagina, which means that sexual intercourse cannot cause him any harm.

Why sex during pregnancy is good

If you have no medical contraindications, then sex during pregnancy can be very beneficial.


  1. Intimate relationships can be a great alternative to fitness: sex is a rather energy-intensive process, which also includes stretching elements that are extremely useful for women.
  2. The release of oxytocin that occurs during intimacy with a partner reduces the manifestations of stress and anxiety, improving the emotional state of the expectant mother.
  3. During pregnancy, an enlarged uterus and displaced pelvic organs can impair normal blood circulation, provoke venous congestion and reduce blood supply to tissues. In the presence of other adverse factors (smoking, hereditary predisposition, sedentary work), this can lead to varicose veins of the legs and even the small pelvis.
  4. Many women are frightened by the tension of the uterus that appears after orgasm, but if it is not accompanied by painful sensations and passes within half an hour, there is no reason to worry. The uterus is a muscle, and it needs training, which just needs the right positions for sex, which are recommended during pregnancy: the ability of the uterus to contract will be very useful during childbirth. In full-term pregnancy, sexual activity is the best way to prepare for the process of childbearing.