What it is?

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The word carezza in Italian means “weasel”. It refers to long love sessions that include touching, stroking and other tenderness – but not an orgasm.


Experts say that if the speed of ordinary sex can be compared with intimacy in rabbits, then karezza are turtles. Orgasm promotes the release of dopamine associated with pleasure, and carezza helps create oxytocin. The result is a wonderful connection with a partner, both intimate and emotional. Sexual games become more romantic and help to strengthen the bond between partners. Orgasm ceases to be the main goal, much more important is a new sexual experience and attention to each other. Here’s how to make it unforgettable.

1. A partner you trust

Karezza-style sex is not for a one-night stand. If there is no close connection between you, you will not get the maximum pleasure.


2. Set goals

It is important to be on the same wavelength and think in the same direction so that everything works out in the best possible way.

3. Set the rules

Since leisurely sex takes time, it’s good to come up with a word that denotes the willingness to move into action and move towards orgasm. Think about what kind of caresses you like the most, and what is better to refuse.

4. Start Small

If you both love quick sex, it is unlikely that you will immediately be able to caress each other all night long. Start with 5-10 minutes. Examine those places on the body of each other, to which hands (and lips) literally did not reach before. Kiss with open eyes. Do whatever you both like, just don’t think about orgasm just yet. Like any habit, the more you do it, the more natural it looks and the more benefits it brings. But individual sessions are useful too!


5. What if an orgasm happens?

One of the frequently asked questions about carezza is whether sex can be called that if someone gets an orgasm? Undoubtedly! The fact that orgasm is not the main goal of this type of sex does not mean that you need to completely abandon pleasure. Also, if you don’t focus on orgasm, you’re more likely to have one!

6. Debriefing

After sex, it is important to discuss what happened to you. Especially if you really liked something! Think about what you would like to try next time. If now it didn’t turn out very well, it’s okay, you can return to carezza in a month or a year.