With classic vaginal intercourse, you need to relax and abstract from the outside world and problems. With anal contact, relaxation is also important, but there is hardly a place for spontaneity and unbridled passion. On the contrary, the more carefully you approach the issue of preparing the process and discuss all the subtleties, the smoother everything will go. Then the woman will be able to tune in psychologically and physically, discarding prejudices and horror stories.

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Tune in for anal sex

Even after several attempts to have anal sex, many girls still believe that this is a terrible torture that heroic women go through solely for the sake of their partner. About your own pleasure, relaxation, and even more so orgasms, there can be no question. And we often hear from men that such women who enjoy anal sex exist. And no, these are not fairy tales, not unicorns, and not even the heroines of porn films. Just girls who follow important rules before anal sex.


What is the secret of those girls who do “it” for love. But not out of love for a man, namely for anal sex. Although one does not exclude the other. To learn more about the rules of having anal sex, we went to the Secrets Sex Education Center.

Knowing how to properly relax and tune in to anal sex, a girl can easily enjoy this type of sex, even if she does not have vaginal sex. In addition, the brightness and strength of the anal orgasm is much greater than the vaginal and even clitoral orgasms! So why deny yourself the pleasure?


The anus area is one of the strongest erogenous zones of a person, since a fairly large number of nerve endings are concentrated in it. Accordingly, with the right stimulation, a girl can get much more pleasure than her partner. It’s better to know how to do it right.


Basic rules for preparing for anal sex

Almost all “manuals” on sex agitate us to “turn off our heads” and indulge in unrestrained sex. All this, of course, is wonderful. Only one nuance with which the rules of anal sex begin for women. This is the only kind of intimate contact where you need to turn on your head! More precisely, in preparation for it, and then you will notice what pleasure that forbidden fruit that you were even afraid to think about can give.

To learn how to prepare for anal sex, you need to remember the most important rule. It is never, under any circumstances, accidental or spontaneous. In a sense, it is necessary to prepare for it in order to avoid bitter mistakes – unpleasant sensations, psychological barriers, diseases.


Sexual games with your loved one

Both of you should want a new experience. No need to succumb to persuasion, blackmail and other manipulations. This point is also included in the basic rules of anal sex. You must be in the right frame of mind and feel great.

Have a few sex sessions with your loved one to relax yourself and learn to trust your partner. Here are the options for rapprochement and tune in to the right wave, which include 5 rules for preparing high-quality anal sex.

  • A few days before sex (yes, it needs to be planned), enjoy a warm bath where you can stimulate your anus entry on your own.
  • During traditional sex, ask your loved one to first gently caress your ass and especially your anus.
  • Have him give you a relaxing massage, and later, when you’re ready, insert his index finger into your anus.
  • As soon as you stop experiencing discomfort, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Don’t forget the prelude. Foreplay is the most important step in having anal sex. Ideally, if a woman has one or more orgasms before anal penetration, as this will cause additional blood flow to the genitals and help to relax properly.



eat right

Healthy eating is the key to successful anal sex. Yes, yes, now you, most likely, bulged your eyes in surprise: “What does food have to do with it in general?” But you must admit, there is a certain connecting thread here: the anus, nutrition …

In general, the rules of the first anal sex include a special, but uncomplicated menu. A few days before day X, lean on protein foods – fish, meat, poultry.

If in doubt, you can do an enema with 200 or 300 ml of water before a date. But even without it, everything will go well. Moreover, constant cleaning kills the natural microflora of the colon, you should not practice this procedure often.

Accessories for anal contact

The rectum is not capable of producing natural lubrication, so additional things are indispensable in this matter. In this case, the safety rules of anal sex, which are important for the health of partners and getting a pleasant experience, have a dominant role.


  1. Condoms. Even if it seems that they are designed to protect against unwanted pregnancy, and there is no risk of pregnancy during anal sex, this is not a reason to refuse contraceptives. During anal sex, microcracks can form, and any virus that a partner has will go straight into the bloodstream. In addition, the bacteria living in your rectum have absolutely nothing to do either on the partner’s penis or in your vagina, where they will get during the next vaginal contact. These are simple anal hygiene rules.
  2. Lubricant. If you are afraid that it will hurt, use only special analgesic lubricants for anal sex. Lubricants reduce pain, and anesthetics reduce sensitivity. If the skin becomes numb, you may not feel that something is wrong, and miss serious injuries to the anus. It is better to take a water-based lubricant without cooling, warming and any other fashionable effects. Silicone-based, suitable for sex in the shower. Learn what not to use as a lubricant.
  3. Sex toys. Use an anal plug. The rules of anal sex involve some kind of training, during which you can get acquainted with the process and comprehend your reaction to it. The cork will do you a good job: insert it for a few moments while taking a bath to prepare this area for more penetration.



If you’re having your first anal sex, follow each rule and you’ll want to repeat it. And stimulating devices will play a significant role in this.

Butt plugs vary in shape and size, so you can easily find your own. In addition, they are smaller than the penis and act as an opening act. In anal sex, it is important to keep in mind the simple 45-degree rule.

The plug should be tilted downwards by 45 degrees and inserted into the anus. When she enters, you should gently lift her to the same angle. In this way, several gentle up and down movements occur.


Lola Streamline Plug


anal sex rules

The anal plug is made of soft, pleasant to the touch material, absolutely hypoallergenic, odorless and free of harmful substances. The stimulator has an absolutely smooth surface and a narrowed head, which will provide the most comfortable insertion. The restrictive base will make even the deepest penetration safe.



Fun Factory B Balls

basic rules of anal sex

With every movement, the internal B BALLS create pleasant vibrations. The toy has a convenient restrictive base, making their use completely safe and comfortable for regular wear.

Toyz4lovers Silicone My Secret Cherry

first anal sex rules


The anal stimulator has an original cherry shape. With the help of a loop, the “cherry” is easily removed after use. The shifted center of gravity will ensure a slight wobble that will occur with every movement. The stimulator can also be used for vaginal massage and Kegel exercises.


How to have anal sex

If you are with a guy and all the items necessary for contact are prepared, you need to take a comfortable position.

  • On his side, when he lies behind you, both of you are comfortable and the depth of entry will be minimal.
  • Doggy-style on the elbows and arched back – here it is more convenient for a man to control friction and the degree of penetration.
  • Missionary with a roller under the pelvis and raised legs to change the angle of entry. In this case, it is easier to follow each other’s facial expressions, kiss for more relaxation.


Correct penetration technique

Penetration must be done with screwing movements. Have the man start with one finger and add the rest until the sphincter is stretched to the size of the head of the penis, and once inside, move gently.

Although you may experience sensations similar to a false urge to defecate during anal penetration, be calm – this will not actually happen. A visit to the shower before and after the process should be mandatory.

How often can you do it

It is often impossible to have anal sex. The best option is once every ten days. During this time, all possible wounds and injuries that you may not even think about will heal.

If more often, then there is a possibility of problems with the sphincter – it will constantly be in a relaxed state, which can lead to incontinence, hemorrhoids and other unpleasant consequences. Be careful and think about your health, remembering the 3 main rules of anal sex: mutual desire, detailed preparation and careful handling during the process.

In case of pain, bleeding or just discomfort, it is better to stop everything. Perhaps next time you will be better prepared.

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