1. We come up with a “stage costume”

As you may have guessed, now we will learn how to arrange a striptease for a husband / boyfriend at home. For this, it is not necessary to dress up in feathers and sequins. You can stay barefoot and put on his shirt, which you will slowly, slowly unbutton. A good option is layering so that you can shoot one subject at a time. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in these clothes and shoes. If stiletto heels are like family to you, fine. If not, don’t even try. Nobody wants you to sprain your ankle in the middle of a “performance”.

2. We equip the “stage” and “auditorium”

Think about where he will sit and where you will move (if your bedroom is not the size of the front room, it makes sense to spread your arms to the sides and gently lift your leg to check if you hit the furniture). It remains to think over intimate lighting (of course, it is better to refuse candles: a blouse removed and thrown aside with a spectacular gesture should not cause a fire).

3. Choose a song

We would like a composition with a clear rhythm, but not too fast. The main thing is that it should inspire you, turn you on and encourage you to dance.

4. Getting to the operation

Take the lucky person by the hand, say: “I have something for you,” bring them to the room and seat them in the planned place. Now turn your back on him and take a few steps back. Then stop and turn, seductively placing one foot in front of the other. Start moving to the music, slowly and sexy.

5. What to do with your hands?

Let them slide sensually over your sides, thighs and chest; touch the neck and collarbones with your fingertips; slightly lift the edge of the garment. Remember that if you touch yourself with only your fingertips, it looks much more seductive than if you did it with your whole palm.

6. If you have long hair…

… then you can shake your head, showing all their beauty, and play with curls, playfully winding them around your finger.

7. Eye contact

From time to time, catch the man’s gaze and for a few seconds look straight into his eyes.

8. Tease

Before you take off one of the pieces of clothing, play with it. Lift it up, lower it – and when you do take it off, caress the part of the body from which it was taken off.

9. Crazy “eight”

Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Bend your knees, put your hands on them. Start drawing circles or figure eights with your pelvis. Remember to keep your knees apart.

10. Standing, sitting, lying

Throughout the dance, change position: either you stand, then you get down on all fours, then you lie down on your stomach … So it will be more interesting for your audience to watch the performance. In addition, he will be able to admire you from all sides.

11. Legs up!

Lie on your stomach, roll onto your back and open your arms to form a “T”. Now lift your feet. Pull the sock, then cross your ankles, swaying your legs from side to side, then spread your legs wider … To get up beautifully from this position, first roll over and get on all fours, then sit on your haunches, and now rise, transferring weight from one leg to another.

12. Breasts it’s time to be free

Turn your back to the viewer and lower one strap from your shoulders, then the second. Then unbutton your bra and turn around, pressing the cups to your chest. Turn your back again and drop your bra.

13. The denouement is approaching

Lean back against the wall. Raise your arms above your head, slide your whole body up and down along the wall several times. Move away from the wall and slowly walk towards him.

14. Climax

Stop with your feet parallel to each other. Tuck your thumbs into the waistband of your panties, bend your knees, and slide out of the underwear like a snake out of skin. Let the cowards fall to the ankles, step over them with one foot, and under them with the other and throw them to your languishing lover.

15. Touch

Do not let him get down to business until you finish undressing: this way you will further whet his sexual appetite. But you can touch him a few times to tease him: ruffle his hair, sit on his knees for a second, let him help you unzip the zipper, or put your foot between his legs to help him remove the stocking. When your program is over, the only witness to how deftly you mastered the art of striptease can enjoy your prize.

16. And in conclusion…

Striptease does not like haste – do not rush at any of the stages. Treat it as if you are painting a picture in a man’s memory: you, gradually exposing yourself in front of him … Let him later remember how it was and impatiently rush to wrap you in his arms.


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