How to give a man real pleasure in bed?

how to give a man real pleasure in bed

Long gone are the days when the success of a couple’s intimate life depended solely on a man. Today, a woman can and should take the initiative to make sex more vivid and enjoyable. So, she needs to know how to give a man real pleasure in bed. There are many effective ways to do this.

How to please a man in bed: preparation

In the question of how to experience and give pleasure in bed, a woman must take into account all the little things. Therefore, it is worth preparing in advance for the moment of intimacy.

First, do a preliminary analysis. Remember what your partner likes in bed, what caresses he reacts to the most. Perhaps he told you about some sexual fantasies that he wants to bring to life. Try to use this knowledge during intimacy.

Secondly, you should create an appropriate environment in order to set yourself and your partner in the right way. Seduce him, even if it’s just an ordinary evening and your object is a husband with whom you have been together for more than one year. He will be even more flattered when you start flirting and hinting at your readiness for sex, showing enthusiasm. Be sure to put yourself in order, we are not talking about styling and evening make-up, but an aromatic bath, hair removal, beautiful underwear. Be sure to change the linen and on the matrimonial bed, turn on a dim nightlight or light candles, you can turn on soft music. Before sex, be sure to feed a man, but dinner should not be dense, you need to make it also seductive so that it does not distract from the “main dish”, but only inflames sexual appetite.

How to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a man in bed?

In order for harmony to reign between partners, not only a man should know how to give a woman real pleasure in bed, but his chosen one should also be active in this matter.

  1. Pay enough attention to foreplay and don't be shy about touching your man's body everywhere. But this should be done not like a doctor during a medical examination - with a serious expression on his face, but seductively. For example, during an erotic massage or a role-playing game. This will help to identify erogenous zones, by activating which you can always deliver unforgettable pleasure to your partner.
  2. Don't be afraid to try something new, the formula passion + variety = pleasure in bed always works flawlessly. Try to surprise your man by doing something he didn't expect from you, like master prostate massage and use it during oral sex. Many representatives of the stronger sex admit that they experience unearthly bliss from such caresses.
  3. Leave shyness and complexes, just forget that you need to be embarrassed about something. There are no prohibitions in bed as long as both partners like what is happening. how to please a man in bedBe completely liberated, do not refuse oral or anal sex, if at the same time you do not experience unpleasant physical sensations. Do not restrain yourself in showing emotions: scream or moan if you really want to, ask for more, scratch, etc.
  4. Do not limit yourself solely to bed, because you can get vivid impressions from sex in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, and in the car. Invite a man to try, for sure he will be delighted with such an idea.
  5. Offer to watch erotica or even porn together, start “molesting” a man while watching, try to play the role of a girl from the screen. Just play to the end, otherwise the man will be disappointed.