There are three classic variations of what 69 looks like. If the man is on the bottom, the girl’s genitals are in front of the partner’s face, her head is in front of the penis. By the way, you can show pose 69 to your partner in our illustration. When a man is on top, it is already a little more difficult – in this position it is more difficult to control the depth of the blowjob, and the man’s neck may become numb. The easiest option is on the side, when nothing needs to be held on weight, and you can have sex without discomfort for as long as you like.


Pros of the jack position in sex

There are several reasons why home sex in the 69 position remains popular, despite being quite acrobatic in places.

  • You can admire the body of a partner. Not all poses offer such an excellent overview of both the whole body and the most intimate places.
  • Variability. As well as the 69 position itself – we talk more about this below, so are the caresses in it, and their intensity. You can be very active, or you can remain gentle, focusing on the pleasure you get.
  • Mutual affection. Classical oral sex involves one partner giving pleasure and the other receiving. In this case, everything is mutual.
  • special intimacy. This pose will give an amazing feeling of closeness.


Sex in the 69 position: 7 tips to make it more comfortable and enjoyable

Find your position

In total, there are about a dozen variants of the 69 pose, including the classic ones, but the most basic one assumes that one partner lies on his back, and the second is in a knee-elbow position. What needs to be done this way always is myths. Pose 69 does not have to look exactly like this at all – as a rule, it is uncomfortable for both the upper and lower partners.

The top has to suffer in the bar, and if his plans (sorry for the tautology) did not include pumping up the press right now, then this will become a problem. You will get tired, and there will be no talk of any pleasure. The lower one will be forced to adapt to the partner’s elusive genitals if he intends to give his mistress oral sex. In general, laughter and nothing more. This erotic position will give you even more difficulties if you have different heights, and you will have to forget about beautiful sex in the 69 position.



How to make it easier for yourself? Yes, just lie on your side, head to his feet! Bend your top leg so that your knee is “looking” at the ceiling, and use your elbow as a support. Shift into the 69 position with your husband to find the perfect position for both of you. You don’t have to support your body weight and you can focus on the pleasure.


We are talking about the jack position – we mean oral sex. Position 69 really involves caressing the lips, this is a “classic of the genre”, but do not get hung up on oral sex. In adult cinema, lovers in the 69 position always perform oral sex, but you need to think bigger. Nobody banned manual labor. Use lips, tongue, hands – everything that can please your partner.


Caresses in position 69 can be made even more varied. During a blowjob, additionally stimulate your partner’s penis with your hand. You can offer him to put his fingers in your vagina during clitoral stimulation.

You to me, I to you

There is this funny coordination exercise where you stroke your head and lightly tap your stomach with your other hand, and then change actions. Roughly the same thing happens with the 69 position, because it is very difficult to simultaneously enjoy and give it.

If you find it difficult to combine, just take turns. In fact, the partner who is more active should lie on their back (if you are using the classic position). Life hack: if a man is on his back, the female pose 69 can easily turn into facesitting – experiment!


Don’t forget the lube!

Don’t ignore extra hydration. It is especially true if you act with your hands, but not only. Friction without lubrication can be unpleasant and even painful. Apply your favorite flavor of lube to your lips as if it were lip gloss, and caress his cock, leaving traces of lube on it. Gentle pose 69 is about easy sliding, which will please both him and you.

call for help

There is one life hack that can help you out if your partner in the 69 position can’t concentrate and often forgets to caress you. Give him a sex toy. It is much easier for her to move, and sometimes just holding is enough – you will find the right place for stimulation yourself. So your partner can not be too distracted and at the same time give you pleasure.



If your favorite pose 69 is a man on top, a woman on the bottom, then you have more room to maneuver, and you can completely take control of the toy. By the way, if you are not afraid of experiments, you can also use a sex toy for him to give him new sensations.

Hygiene above all else

This should have been rule number 1. Despite all the obviousness, we will repeat it again. In position 69 you are very, very close, and even if you neglect the rules of hygiene just a little, it will be noticeable. After that, there is a chance that this will be the last 69 with this partner.

By the way, a life hack: a joint shower can be a great foreplay. And also, if you are very, very worried that your partner will see you “there” in all the details and nuances during sex in the 69 position, ask him to wash you. So you can definitely be calm that he has brought cleanliness to the level he needs. And yes, it works the other way around too.


Use 69 as a pregame

In fact, there are many who sincerely love the 69 position – but only as a prelude. It is not at all necessary to treat this position as the main dish on the table, you can use it as a “warm-up” and foreplay, and only then move on to a position that is familiar to both of you.

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