How to get a guy to text first

Any girl sooner or later finds herself in a situation where she is waiting for a call, letter, message or any other news from a guy. This can be both after the first date, and after a quarrel. The wait may be unbearable. And immediately unbidden thoughts come into my head: what if he didn’t like me, but what if he found another? And you certainly wouldn’t want to text him first, because it’s generally accepted that guys should text first. Let’s try to figure out how to get a guy to write first.

After the first date

Did you like your new friend? Do you want to continue communication, but do not want to write first? You can try to make sure that your chosen one writes to you first. To do this, try to remember what he said at the first meeting. Try to cross paths more often. Perhaps he mentioned his favorite place of rest, be it a cafe, a club, a coffee shop. Visit his favorite place, let him see that your interests are the same. It is always more pleasant to communicate with a girl with whom there is a lot in common.

If you’ve only talked “virtually” and are going on a first date, you’re certainly wondering how to get a guy to text you after the date. Go for a little trick, accidentally forget a scarf, gloves, or some other little thing. He will certainly write to you with a desire to return the forgotten thing. Here is an opportunity to continue the conversation.

If you lead an active VK life and you liked the guy, you, of course, will not want to write to him first. After studying his page, it will become clear to you how to make a guy write the first VK. Scroll through his photos, music, videos. Undoubtedly, if you are interested in this young man, you have common hobbies. Comment on your common interests, be it music or video. He will see that the girl is showing interest in his hobbies. He will be interested in it, and he will write to you first.

How to get a guy to text first after a fight – tips

How do we always experience after quarrels with a loved one. We do not sleep at night, we worry, we are waiting for the first step from the guy. But many guys do not always understand that girls expect them to take the initiative. Falling asleep, do you hold the phone in your hand and wait for SMS? Let’s look at how to mentally get a guy to text you. Everyone knows that our thoughts are material. Send your how to mentally get a guy to calldesires and thoughts into space, and they will definitely return to you. Think about what you want the guy to write first, fall asleep with this thought. And, you will see, soon he will surely please you with the first step towards reconciliation.

But, in fact, all these are conventions that the guy should write first. If this is love, or future love, can what you write first, somehow destroy it? You need to live for today and enjoy every moment spent with your loved one. Life is so short. Do not waste precious days on quarrels and conventions. Love and appreciate each other.