The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek “eros” which means “love”. This means that erogenous zones are those places on our body that give love and pleasure. Places that are more sensitive than others.

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The most obvious erogenous zone is the penis. Studies, and life experience, confirm that touching the penis and stimulating it is the best way to excite a man. The penis has its own erogenous zones. The most sensitive area of ​​the penis is the underside of the glans. It is followed by the lower part of the shaft of the penis, the upper side of the head, its left and right parts, the upper side of the shaft. Try caressing each of these parts and watch your partner’s reaction.


Remember that caresses should be as gentle as possible – this erogenous zone in a man is too sensitive, and if you overdo it, then instead of an orgasm and unearthly bliss, you will arrange a sophisticated torture for your beloved.


The erogenous zone of a man, which for some reason is often forgotten. There is even a proven scientific theory why the lips are one of the best points of arousal. An ordinary kiss sets off a chain of reactions that lead to hormonal fireworks in a man’s brain. The reason is simple: there are a huge number of nerve endings on the lips. They are a hundred times more sensitive than other points on the body.



An important erogenous zone of a man and the third place in terms of the strength of the reaction to caresses. The scrotum has a lot of nerve endings. However, there are no studies yet that would find out which area of ​​the scrotum is most sensitive. So try it yourself. On the other hand, you have plenty of room for experimentation. Creativity is always good.



Oddly enough, it is also quite a sensitive erogenous zone. Men also have a lot of nerve endings on their feet. Massage of tired legs during the day is not the only option. For example, you can find a point on his leg, which in acupuncture is called a “bubbling stream” (that’s what it is called). First, warm his feet by wrapping them in a warm towel and rubbing them. And then gently press on the point just below his big toe, between the ball of his big toe and the “index” toe. It is believed that this point can provoke a sudden sexual desire.


Of course, in terms of sensitivity, male nipples cannot be compared with female ones. However, they are the fifth most important erogenous zone on the male body. In men, the nipples do not perform any useful function and are the most perfect rudiment. But the skin around them is still quite delicate, and therefore biting and sucking on the nipples can have a very positive effect. And the stimulation of this area will bring a lot of pleasure to your loved one.



You’ll see, he’ll go crazy if you take a little time to lightly nibble on his ear. This is a non-obvious, but at the same time highly exciting male erogenous zone. Better not concentrate on the lobe – if you have pierced ears, you yourself know that this is not a very sensitive place, unlike the cartilage. Even the slightest touch of warm breath or the tip of his tongue will send shivers through his body.


The male neck during sexual games is often overlooked. And in vain, the neck is the same sensitive erogenous zone, like most others. There are many nerve endings under the skin in the back of the head. Try to make a light massage of this area with your fingers – and you will immediately notice how goosebumps will run across his skin.




Men do not have a “G-spot”, but there is an analogue. Not all men like it when they touch this particular erogenous zone, so it’s better to check with your lover in advance if he is against prostate massage.

The prostate is located at a depth of two finger phalanges from the anus, the pad of your finger should be directed towards the penis. The prostate will feel like a ball the size of a walnut. A man should completely relax and trust your hands.

If you decide to give your boyfriend a prostate massage, don’t forget to thoroughly lubricate your fingers. Such a procedure is not only pleasant, but also useful: it improves blood supply to the pelvic organs and the outflow of secretions and seminal fluid.


For some men, this is one of the most important erogenous zones. Light flip flops can set it up in a playful way. Just don’t forget that blows can be painful for more than just the person being spanked. The buttocks are not a very sensitive place, but your palm is very.



Exciting points and erogenous zones in a man can be located in any part of the hands: palms, fingertips, forearms or a hole in the elbow. Many men and women really like it when their hands are kneaded. Buy a su-jok massage ring, put it on the man’s finger and roll it over each finger.

Big toe

It is not by chance that we singled it out as a separate erogenous zone, because it is rightfully considered one of the most mysterious places that cause a surge of sexual energy. The fact is that the area of ​​the brain that receives signals from the thumb is located right next to the area that receives signals from the genitals. One area “lights up” and the fire spreads to another. The same principle often works in reverse – genital stimulation ricochets down to the big toes.


How to caress the erogenous zones in men?

It is not enough to know erogenous zones in order to bring especially pleasant moments to a man. It is important to understand how to stimulate them in order to quickly excite a man and help him achieve an enchanting orgasm. Women who believe that you can caress erogenous points in any way and with anything, are greatly mistaken, because if you follow this motto, then your partner can get not a stunning orgasm, but a fit of laughter from tickling. Agree, this is not the best end to a long prelude.


Little-known erogenous zones on the body of a man

First you need to thoroughly examine the body of your boyfriend and find the most sensitive and exciting points. Then by properly stimulating them, you will turn every act of intimacy into an unforgettable pleasure for both of you. Here are ways to find erogenous zones in a man and use them correctly:


  • try light, barely perceptible touches with your fingertips;
  • lightly, almost imperceptibly, scratch the sensitive points on his body with your nails;
  • use lips: dry kisses, lip strokes, wet kisses and even hickeys;
  • do not forget about the tongue: soft touches, circular movements and tickling with the tip;
  • light blows hot and cold on the erogenous zone will cause one hundred percent excitement;
  • use improvised means: a piece of ice, a feather, massage oil, etc.

How to determine the erogenous zones in men by zodiac sign?

There is a version that the location of erogenous zones in men largely depends on the sign of the zodiac. After all, it determines the character and lifestyle, and sensitive points will be located accordingly.


Erogenous zones in Aries men

Lips are considered the main erogenous zone of Aries men. This is their most sensitive area, so the best way to quickly arouse an Aries man is with a long, hot kiss.

Erogenous zones in Taurus men

The main erogenous zone of male calves is the neck. It’s funny that a man of this sign, like a calf, is delighted with affection in the neck and neck. Tenderness and tactility of contact is very important for these men, try to touch sensitive points only with fingertips.

Erogenous zones in Gemini men

The main erogenous zone of male twins is their brain. Men born under this sign are excited by spicy conversations. Start flirting with him early in the morning, gradually raising the “degree”, and you will see that by the evening he will burn with desire.


Erogenous zones in Cancer men

The strongest erogenous zone in Cancer men is the chest. After all, that is where the heart is located. It is believed that men of this sign need love more than others. Try light touching with your tongue and biting your nipples.


Erogenous zones in Lviv men

The back is considered a sensitive erogenous zone for male lions. They are excited by massage, stroking and light scratching with the tips of the nails. The second most sensitive area in male lions is the lower lip. Pay special attention to kissing – try kissing and nibbling only on your partner’s lower lip.

Erogenous zones in Virgo men

The most important erogenous zone for representatives of this zodiac sign is the abdomen. In addition, Virgo men love cleanliness. And therefore they prefer to make love in the bath or shower. If you combine these two things, then the best aphrodisiac will be a hot jet of water directed to the belly of a loved one. Apart from the belly, these men especially love it when their face is caressed. Kiss not only the lips of your partner, but also the cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, eyebrow line.


Erogenous zones in Libra men

The buttocks are considered to be the hottest erogenous zone for Libra men. They love light strokes and caresses. In addition to stimulating this zone, Libra men are excited by demonstrating a naked female body. Perform a striptease or other erotic dance for your beloved, and in return he will give you a bright night full of bliss.

Erogenous zones in Scorpio men

It is not necessary to look for erogenous zones for representatives of this zodiac sign for a long time. Scorpio men like the very understanding and sensations of making love. Their sensitive points are located all over the body, but the fastest way to excite a scorpion man is to caress his penis.


Erogenous zones in Sagittarius men

The inner surface of the thigh is considered to be a particularly excitable erogenous zone for a Sagittarius man. Surprise your young man with all sorts of caresses of this particular part of the body, for example, gently swipe with a feather, shock with a touch of ice, or do a light erotic massage.

Erogenous zones in Capricorn men

There are quite a lot of erogenous zones in Capricorn men – this is the stomach, back, and chest. Especially representatives of this sign are excited by the touch of a female breast. Try to lightly touch the special areas of your beloved nipples and watch the reaction. Most Capricorns are also highly aroused by touching the fossa in the inner crook of the knee with their tongue.

Erogenous zones in Aquarius men

Aquarius men in any business prefer a thorough scientific approach. Including in sex. Therefore, they easily go to any experiments in bed. There are a lot of erogenous zones on the body of such a man, but the hottest is the feet.

Erogenous zones in Pisces men

It is quite difficult to single out important erogenous zones in male fish. There are a lot of them: lips, ears, neck, stomach. In the case of men born under this sign, you will have to experiment and look for yourself. However, the environment plays an important role for them. Since the sign is water, it will be especially comfortable to feel in the water or near its source.

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