how to fall in love with a womanizer

If a girl wondered how to truly fall in love with a womanizer guy, she needs the advice of specialists who know the psychology of these too loving representatives of the stronger sex.

Is it possible to fall in love with a womanizer?

A man can become a womanizer in two cases: if he has an over-need for a constant change of sexual partners and if some life events made him such.

The first case is a pathological womanizer, whom you can marry yourself, but he will always change and at any opportunity. The reason for this is the excessive activity of certain parts of the brain or hormonal disorders. Living with such a womanizer means sacrificing your psyche. Such men usually love only themselves and do not consider betrayal to be something special.

The second case is a womanizer who became so after some incident. For example, the pickup truck movement has been fashionable for a long time. To be able to breed a girl for sex is considered very “cool”. A guy may not have the desire to constantly change partners, but, keeping a brand in front of his friends, he gets used to diversity and eventually becomes a real womanizer. The situation is aggravated by the fact that he can no longer maintain a long-term relationship with one chosen one due to the growth of mental problems. The psychological trauma inflicted by a heartless lover can also make a womanizer. To spite her, a young man can begin to break the hearts of innocent girls.

Before falling in love with a womanizer, it was not bad to understand what category he belongs to. To do this, you need to make friends with him, arrange him for yourself. Over time, from scraps of phrases and stories collected together, it will be possible to draw some conclusions. And if the girl got not a pathological womanizer, you can try to fall in love with him.

Tips on how to fall in love with a womanizer:

  • you need to become his true friend, an interesting conversationalist and confidant;
  • unobtrusively, but confidently, you need to demonstrate that the intimate side of relations with him is completely uninteresting;
  • it is necessary to look constantly at 100% – feminine, well-groomed.

Such a “tidbit” will certainly be of interest to a womanizer. And since the “prey” will constantly slip away, this interest will be maintained for a long time, during which a man gets to know his girlfriend better and, realizing that his ideal is in front of him, he may well truly fall in love.