Orgasm simulation

If you believe the saying that every woman has something from an actress, then imitation of an orgasm is one of the most common roles of the first plan. Let’s see why women fake orgasm, and how to simulate pleasure correctly if the sex scene for some reason did not live up to your expectations.

Why do women fake orgasm?

There is no single answer to this question, since there are quite a few reasons why women imitate orgasm, and often they are quite normal:

  • from the outside, everything is perfect: the evening was romantic, and the man behaves well, and the epilation is fresh, and the linen is on the level … But for some reason, you just can’t relax. Tired at work, the head really (!) hurts or is busy with obsessive problems. You don’t want to upset your loved one, and therefore you decide to play along with him;
  • you understand that today you will not be in time for your lover, because his discharge is about to happen, and yours is still at least five minutes away. But he, the poor guy, is trying so hard… And you decide to cheat so as not to spoil the overall picture of good, in general, sex;
  • it came to the first sex, and the man manages to disappoint you so much that you decide: this “act” will be the final chord in your relationship. And the partner, as luck would have it, is set for a long marathon. If you are not going to give him a second chance, but at the same time do not dare to stop the unfortunate lover, a competent imitation of an orgasm can be a real salvation;
  • many women fake an orgasm out of fear of losing their lover. In this case, the simulation of orgasm can become a vicious circle.

How to fake an orgasm?

So, in order to understand how best to imitate an orgasm, let’s find out its main signs. Note that sometimes they are mutually exclusive, so choose tricks that are characteristic of your temperament.

  1. As a rule, rapid breathing precedes sexual discharge. Breathe through your mouth – it’s sexy and may well lead to your own excitement (and there, what the hell is not joking, and a further orgasm).
  2. Some women need to fully concentrate on their feelings, while they freeze and, accordingly, their breathing can only be ascertained with the help of a mirror. In this case, the final fine trembling through the body will be quite convincing. You can tilt your head back, squeeze the edge of the sheet in your hand, bend and freeze in tension.
  3. Rapid movements of the hips, loud moans, scratching of the back – in the best traditions of Hollywood films. Such action is suitable for temperamental women, and if the described lasted the entire sexual intercourse, then just turn up the volume before the ending.
  4. For a convincing simulation of orgasm, ask your partner for some action. Phrases like “don’t stop, please”, “squeeze my chest”, “slap me”, etc. will do. For more timid girls, something like an impatient “well … come on” will do.
  5. Wandering eyes and sharp contractions of the muscles of the vagina – the final touch of imitation of orgasm. Many well-read men just pay attention to the latter, so be sure to squeeze his penis inside in addition to the previous manipulations.

Top Tip #1: if a man has already witnessed a real orgasm, then the best imitation will be “repetition of the material covered.” Orgasm simulationYou should not scratch the back of a loved one in a simulated outburst of passions, if before that you quietly froze, convulsed by a spasm of pleasure. This rule also applies if in the future you plan not to simulate an orgasm with this partner, but to experience real emotions.

Top Tip #2: don’t play pleasure if the man you’re in bed with does nasty things. If a girl imitates an orgasm, she should be aware that this encourages her partner’s actions, and next time she should expect a repetition of an unpleasant scenario.

But we still hope that these tips will remain unclaimed due to real orgasms!