• “I had an orgasm many times – but this has never happened to me before. Usually it was like this: I finished, he finished, we fell asleep. But this time everything turned out differently. I climaxed, and my boyfriend continued to move. Suddenly I felt “I can once again. I surrendered to the will of sensations, and something wonderful happened: it was as if I were swimming in an ocean of pleasure, and sweet waves swept through my whole body. Since then, once is not enough for me, and I have learned to have multiple orgasms. ” – K., 28.

What is multiple orgasm? These are several orgasms that occur during one act of love. And it is quite real – to learn how to get a sexual “supplement”. “If you can experience one orgasm, then you can have more,” some sexologists say.

There are two varieties of wholesale orgasm. With the first one, you reach the peak of pleasure with an interval of about 2 to 10 minutes. Here is his most common scenario: you experienced the first discharge while receiving oral sex, and the second (and more) – during intercourse.

You get even more impressive sensations when the waves of pleasure roll over and over again, with a break of a few seconds. If with the first option you have time to cool down a little, and then get excited again, like riding a roller coaster, then with the second, the excitement does not even have time to subside.

Here are eight steps to achieving a super orgasm:

1. Try not to stop there

If you haven’t experienced multiple orgasms, it’s probably because you just haven’t tried.

If you have to stop right after because your genitals are getting too sensitive to touch, wait 10-15 seconds and then continue.

2. More than a foreplay

For many women, the pleasurable path to multiple orgasms begins with cunnilingus.

Here, for example, is one of the good oral techniques for the first, but not the last, orgasm: the tip of his tongue flutters like a butterfly wing over your clitoris – from side to side and up and down. Since for this you cannot do without the participation of a partner, send him a link to this article.

3. The magic point is not a myth

The G-spot is the key not only to the usual orgasm, but also to the encore climax.

4. Consider the question from the right angle

The way you hold your hips determines the depth and angle at which your lover’s cock enters you. It is worth choosing this angle successfully – and the stimulation of your especially sensitive points will intensify with the most pleasant consequences for you. The easiest way to do this is with pillows placed under the lower back or in the “man behind” position.

5. Legs above the head

Another wonderful point is located in the very depths of the vagina, near the cervix. Try this exercise: while making love in the missionary position, lift your legs as close to you as possible and draw in your stomach. Then his member must reach the treasured zone.

6. Gym for secret places

Pressing is good, but do not forget about training the pubococcygeal muscles. Yes, the ones that allow you to endure to the toilet after half a watermelon, and at the same time are responsible for an orgasm. Everyone has probably heard of Kegel exercises. They are very simple, and the benefits of them are enormous: for pregnancy and childbirth, and for the prevention of incontinence, and for vivid sexual sensations.

Here is one of the options for Kegel exercises:

– for 3 seconds, strain the internal muscles, as if you really want to urinate, but you are trying to endure;
– then relax for 3 seconds;
– repeat 10 times. Gradually bring the number of repetitions to 50, three sets per day.

7. Don’t Fake an Orgasm for a Man – Fake It for Your Brain

You can increase orgasm and get it in several copies at once… if you start doing all those things that you do involuntarily on the eve of orgasm.

Start moaning, breathe faster and deeper, squeeze and relax the muscles of the small pelvis – your brain will receive a signal that the time has come for a new orgasm, and it is unlikely to become greedy.

8. Play with your arousal peaks

Another way to trick your body and squeeze more orgasms out of it. With this method, you can accustom your body to new patterns of arousal.

Imagine your arousal going up on a scale of 1 to 10. 2-3 is a flash of pleasure, 4-5 is a little aroused, and when you get to 8, your heart is racing, your breathing is quick, your face is turning pink. Try to get to level 4-5 and pause: your partner stops moving, and you rest for a few seconds, relax, start breathing evenly. Then you get to level 6 and repeat the same trick. Until 7 – and again stop. Up to 8… 9… If you delay orgasm like that, then when it comes, it will not only be stronger, but, perhaps, more than one will come – because your body is waiting for a new peak.


If suddenly you tried everything, but did not get the expected effect, it means that everything is still ahead. Bookmark this article and try again later. It has been proven that with age, women become more prone to multiple orgasms.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy the process. Still, in making love, pleasure is more important than how many orgasms you have experienced.


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