How to excite a man - suitable phrases, the best means, smells and clothes

Personal relationships are based on relationships with each other. Often life together depends on the behavior of a woman, on her understanding of how to excite a man. This is a delicate process that is not left to chance. Every man is different, so arousal must be approached creatively.

How to understand that a man is excited?

Most women want to understand what makes the representative of the stronger sex experience pleasant sensations. However, it is equally important to recognize the signs of an aroused man. Such manifestations include:

  1. Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and flushing of the face. To this may be added dilated pupils of the eyes due to increased blood circulation.
  2. The tone of the voice changes. Hoarseness begins to be heard, the tone decreases. Often the voice becomes muffled and intermittent.
  3. Nervous reactions against the background of excitation. The guy can not find a place for himself, twitches unnecessarily.
  4. An erection that an excited man will not hide. In this case, physiological needs take precedence over the mind.

What phrases turn men on?

Studies of relationships between partners have proven that the representatives of the stronger sex think about sex 8 times a day. Interestingly, this does not require any additional motivation. Erotic fantasies arise in guys involuntarily. However, exciting words for a man will direct his dreams in the right direction at the right time. Partners like it when a woman talks about her sexual desires. It works flawlessly on men of all ages.

In order for the selected phrases to come to consciousness, they are pronounced with an exciting intonation, delicately, without pressure. They should not scare the guy away, but tune in to the right wave, arouse sexual desires in him. The following phrases will help push a man to decisive action:

  1. “Take me right now.”
  2. “Come to me”.
  3. “I want you to caress me.”
  4. “I dream of your touch.”
  5. “I want the night to come sooner.”

what phrases turn men on

How to excite a man by SMS?

The means of modern communication help not only to connect loving people, but also make it possible to seduce a partner at a distance. You can demonstrate sexual attraction through exciting SMS for a man. They evoke erotic fantasies and attract a partner. Exciting correspondence can be useful not only during flirting, but also when a woman is shy in real life. The main thing is to put real feelings into SMS and know what your partner can worry about. Experienced women understand how to arouse a man reportedly even while in the same room with him.

The representatives of the stronger sex are very excited by the reminders of past sexual dates. Correspondence that evokes erotic fantasies in a man is considered popular. Words must be sincere. This will lead to emotional intimacy between partners. Examples of exciting SMS:

  1. “I miss your strong and gentle hands so much. I want them to caress me.”
  2. “I bought new underwear, but there is no one to evaluate them.”
  3. “I suggest we take a shower together.”
  4. “I’m lying naked in bed, but I don’t want to sleep alone. I miss you”.
  5. “I look forward to your caresses, I want the same as it was last time.”

The best aphrodisiac for men

If sex has become a familiar and commonplace, then you can diversify relationships with the help of various medications. Many of the fair sex know how to quickly excite a man. To do this, they use special lubricant gels and tablets that increase the male’s potency and sexual appetites. Such remedies are considered an excellent auxiliary method for long and sensual intercourse.

Exciting lubricants for men

Gels intended for the representatives of the stronger sex have an excellent effect on the duration of sexual intercourse, its quality. Lubrication works very simply. The special substances that the stimulating gel for men contains warm up the intimate area and increase blood flow. This can prolong sexual intercourse, make it more sensual. Before you buy a product, you must carefully study the composition, read the recommendations and contraindications. Such manufacturers Durex, Contex, Cosmo Vibro and others have them: In general, the spectrum of action of the lubricant is wide:

  1. The drug is used for anal, vaginal sex.
  2. Guaranteed protection of the genitals and contraceptives.
  3. Compatible with condoms and sex toys.
  4. Acts as a lubricant.
  5. Increases the sensitivity of the penis due to blood flow to its tissues.

exciting lubricants for men

Exciting pills for men

Means to increase desire in guys can be bought at pharmacies, online stores and pharmaceutical companies. Negative emotions, somatic diseases, addictions affect arousal in men. Pharmacists have developed a number of drugs that have a positive effect on the sexual appetites of partners. Before using each remedy, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with their mechanism of action and contraindications.

All stimulant drugs for men have a similar composition, but additional substances can affect the body in different ways. The most popular tablets include:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra);
  • Laveron;
  • Vimax;
  • tiger king;
  • Aylida.

What smells excite men?

It has been proven that the aroma is perceived by a person at the subconscious level, so a man can be aroused by the smell of the body, hair or perfume. Women during sexual games often use stimulating perfumes for men. They contain special pheromones and essential oils. In addition, an excited guy will perfectly perceive the aroma emanating from special sticks and candles. They can be placed in the bedroom, lit before intercourse.

What essential oil excites men?

The choice of fragrances must be approached correctly in order to add an additional touch to an intimate date. In addition, it is important to understand the measure. It is necessary to use aromatic substances carefully, adding them a few drops into the aroma lamp, into the bath or on the body. You can prolong the arousal of a man with the help of essential oils from:

  • sandalwood;
  • musk;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • ambergris;
  • jasmine.

what essential oil excites men

What clothes turn men on?

A woman should be able to demonstrate her forms, adding to this a little riddle, because mystery can excite a man, awaken the instinct of a hunter in him. According to surveys, men believe that such clothes are the sexiest:

  1. Jeans that hug your butt nicely. In stores there are special models with a push-up effect.
  2. The pencil skirt fits beautifully and creates an attractive silhouette. In addition, she is associated with an elegant, strict style, which also excites some men.
  3. A translucent blouse that helps to see the bra and part of the chest, which opens up a wide field for fantasy. It is important here to know the measure and only create a hint without going too far.
  4. Clothes with an open back are in direct competition with things with a deep neckline. The main thing is that the elements of the bra are not visible.
  5. High-heeled shoes combined with stockings can turn your head.

What underwear excites men?

Guys experience a strong desire when looking at a half-naked woman. Any excited man gets sexual pleasure seeing his lady in seductive lingerie. In addition, there are many guys who help choose intimate wardrobe items. The following tips will tell you how to properly excite a man with underwear:

  1. Men note that the combination of stockings and a plain set of underwear looks very sexy.
  2. Men equally like push-up bras (if they are not used for significant breast enlargement) and lace bralettes.
  3. Among women’s panties, men like tanga models that expose most of the buttocks.
  4. As for the color, the sexiest underwear is red and burgundy.
  5. To the touch, men like silk underwear, because it slips so nicely between the fingers. I like cotton if it is complemented with lace.

what underwear excites men

How to turn a guy on with a kiss?

The technique of seduction is a whole art that helps to capture the heart of a partner. The kiss is a prelude before intercourse. This is what turns a man on the most. A kiss attracts to sexual games, helps partners to relax. There are several rules on how to excite a man with lips:

  1. Start with soft and light touches. If the girl feels that the guy likes them, increase the pressure.
  2. Use hand touches to enhance the effect of a kiss.
  3. Change the speed and intensity of movements to make the process more interesting. It is recommended to alternate the manifestation of tenderness and passion.

How to excite a man in bed?

Some ladies believe that only the type of bed is enough for a partner to create a desire. In fact, everything is not so obvious. Many women know how to excite a man in bed. However, often the representatives of the stronger sex take the initiative into their own hands because of the reluctance of girls to show their own sexuality. They know what excites women in men, but ladies also need to let their partner know that they are ready for sex. For this you can:

  1. Light candles and dim the lights.
  2. Wear sexy lingerie.
  3. Apply aphrodisiacs.
  4. Give your partner a relaxing massage.

What zones are the most exciting in men?

Often women believe that there is only one erogenous place in the partner’s body and it is located in the groin area. This is not so, because there are much more erogenous zones on the body of the stronger sex. Knowing them, it becomes clear how to excite a man with his hands. You can set up a partner for intimacy with the help of touches and caresses of such parts of his body:

  1. Neck and face area. Before you excite your man, you need to massage the earlobe, kiss the neck.
  2. Back and chest. Sexologists recommend touching the surfaces of these parts of the body. Gently rub them, running your hands from top to bottom.
  3. nipples. This is a particularly sensitive area. Touching the nipples can give a man great pleasure, but sometimes the sensations are unpleasant. You need to observe your partner, understand his personality.
  4. Inner thigh. Sexologists suggest how to excite men quickly. They advise stroking your partner’s legs, paying particular attention to the area of ​​the inner thigh. This gives great pleasure and helps to get maximum pleasure.

Exciting massage for a man at home

Helping a partner to relax before sexual games is very important if a girl wants to achieve the desired result. Massage at home is what excites guys before intercourse. Touches not only increase desire, but also set you up to reach the peak of pleasure. On how to excite a man with a massage, the following recommendations will suggest:

  1. First of all, you need to take care of a favorable atmosphere, turn on the music, light incense sticks or candles.
  2. Lighting should be intimate, so it should be reduced.
  3. The air temperature needs to be comfortable so that the sensations of the partner are only pleasant.
  4. The body of a man should be smeared with aphrodisiac oil. This will increase the effect of the massage.
  5. The actions of a woman should be stroking and rubbing with varying degrees of pressure.
  6. The impact should be exerted on the partner’s erogenous zones: hips, back, chest, shoulders.
  7. Feelings guy should be pleasant. If this is not the case, then you need to change the zone of influence and the strength of the touches.

How to turn a man on with your tongue?

Not only with your hands you can make your partner feel good. Little tricks will help diversify sexual relationships and increase the guy’s attraction. Many women prefer to caress the erogenous zones of their beloved tongue. This is what turns men on the most. In the technique of oral sex there are features:

  1. Bite the intimate parts of the guy’s body. You can not do it rudely, so that there is no discomfort.
  2. Run your tongue along the back or chest of a man, moving from top to bottom.
  3. Kiss and touch the inner thigh, paying attention to the reaction of the partner.