how to excite a husband

At the very beginning of family life, the question of how to quickly excite a husband hardly comes to mind, the freshness of the relationship makes any tricks unnecessary. But gradually the feeling of novelty disappears, which negatively affects the intimate life of the spouses, and sex becomes quite rare.

How to excite a husband in bed?

  1. The most sensitive areas on the male body are, of course, the genitals, but you should not be limited only to their caresses. You can start warming up from the head and face, gradually transferring your attention to the delicate areas of the neck, the area on the back between the shoulder blades, descending along the spine to the buttocks. Don’t forget about the line running down the middle of the abdomen from the navel to the pubis and the inner thighs.
  2. It is important not only which parts of the body you choose for affection, but also how you do it. In your arsenal there are not only hands, use lips, tongue, hair and bare chest.
  3. Often, women think about how to quickly excite a husband, but this is not always necessary. Try to delay the moment of decisive action for a longer time, bringing the desire of your man to the maximum.
  4. Everyone knows that a man needs variety like air. But for some reason, not everyone is in a hurry to offer something new on their own. Even if all conceivable positions have been tried, you can always go out of bed, try on a new look for one evening, visit an intimate shop together, etc.
  5. Often, after getting married, girls stop watching their appearance so closely, forgetting that a beautiful picture is very important for male arousal. So if you haven’t worn sexy outfits for a long time, then it’s time to remind your husband how hot his wife can be.

How to morally arouse a husband by SMS?

Ways to kindle desire in your partner, being next to him, do not raise any special questions, but how to excite your husband by phone or SMS? This task will be more difficult, since the main weapon – touch, will not be available. So you have to learn to master the voice and the word in order to become desirable for a man at a distance.

The most difficult thing is to choose the right words, so if you have such an experience for the first time, it is better to start with SMS communication. This will give you time to think about what you’re saying without risking awkward silence on the phone. Since the volume of the message is limited, try to do without unnecessary preludes, immediately moving on to your desires. Try to use expressions that you are sure of a positive reaction to. It is pointless to give specific examples, since one man will be delighted with gentle and affectionate words, while others need tougher expressions to light up.

Another way to excite a man, being at a distance from him, is to call and use your voice to create the necessary mood. For everything to go well, you need to work with your voice in advance. High tones are perceived by the male ear as hysterical, so if yours is like that, practice speaking a little lower so that your voice acquires sexual notes. First, say a few phrases in this voice, record it on a recorder and listen to it to make sure that the tone of your voice is correct. When everything works out, feel free to take how to excite your husband on the phonephone and dial your lover’s number. You can say anything in this tone, almost any stupidity will sound like a hint of a pleasant pastime. You will have more time on the phone, so you can start the conversation with a neutral phrase, gradually moving towards the sweet essence of your call.

The main thing you need to learn in the difficult business of seducing your own husband is choosing the right moment. Agree, it is completely useless to drag a tired and hungry man to bed, as well as a frivolous SMS, received in the midst of hard work, will not produce the proper impact.