how to excite a guy by text

If you are in a playful mood and want to give your loved one a definite hint, think about what to write to the guy to turn him on. There can be quite a few options, but it is important to choose one that sounds natural from you – otherwise, a man may take flirting for a mockery or a joke, and react in a completely different way than you expect.

How to excite a guy by correspondence?

As you know, men respond best to visual images (which is why erotica and pornography are so popular). If you don’t want to spend time texting, making contact, and so on, you can simply write about the fact that you have purchased new lingerie, corset or combination, and send a seductive picture in a new thing. By the way, even if you do not send a picture, but describe in detail how you look, paying special attention to the chest, hips and waist, the effect can be just as strong.

Men also respond well to passion from a woman. When thinking about what words to excite a guy, do not compose artistic texts, but simply try to frankly state what you want to do with him, how and how many times.

Another way to excite a man is to remind him of the most passionate evening that has ever been, noting a few details that you liked more than others.

How to excite a guy on the Internet?

On the Internet, not only correspondence is available, but also the exchange of photos and videos, as well as live video communication. If you wish, you can choose the right time when no one will distract the guy, and invite him to talk, for example, on Skype. Put on an erotic lingerie set and stand before him in all its glory. If this is a pleasant surprise for him, most likely, the desired effect will be even if you don’t say anything at all. what to text a guy to turn him onCounting on visual images, you can think through words less meticulously.

In the question of how to turn a guy on virtually, it is important to understand the goals that you are pursuing. If you expect that after that he will come to you for a pleasant continuation, you can not be shy in choosing the means of arousal and offer anything, up to virtual sex. If you just want to tease him, it’s better not to go far, but to get by with light hints – for example, say about how you missed him, as if involuntarily stroking your body.

In addition, beware of starting a partner when you are far from each other: it is quite possible that he will decide to dump the accumulated excitement with the first woman he comes across.