How to do erotic massage

Do you want to please your man with an erotic massage, but do not know how to do it correctly? In fact, there is nothing complicated here, we add tenderness and affection to the usual massage, and you’re done! But first you need to relax your loved one and tune in the right way, and it would be nice to wash, and therefore we take him to the bath.

We lay the washed and relaxed man on a flat surface and proceed to the massage.

For everything to go well, do not forget to create the right environment. For example, how are you going to give your boyfriend an erotic massage without massage oil? And it would be better to clarify in advance about the allergy to oil, and just in case, choose one that is odorless. Oh yes, and don’t forget about the pleasant taste of the oil. How is this why? Do you really want to do erotic massage without kissing?

We start with the arms and legs. We stretch our palms and feet, we do not ignore the big toes, for many men there is an erogenous zone. Having stretched the toes, we proceed to the back massage. We begin to do erotic back massage with light movements, as if the hands are weightless, and after that we make the movements more pronounced, the main thing is not to overdo it – pain is now useless. By the way, you can include Thai massage techniques. It’s clear what to do, since it won’t work out in Thailand right away, but it’s worth a try, because when we say “erotic massage”, we often think about Thai. So what can you include in your arsenal?

  1. When doing a massage, we try not to take our hands off the body of a loved one, even when it becomes necessary to change the position of the body.
  2. Do not forget about kisses, what is Thai massage without the participation of the mouth. True, we are not talking about light “smacks” here, more serious actions are needed. Namely, the skin should be tightly wrapped around the lips and slightly pulled into the mouth. Doesn’t it remind you of anything? Only such “hickeys” should be done gently so as not to leave bruises.
  3. You can connect the chest to the massage process, most men are delighted with this particular stage. We take a comfortable position and gently draw along the back, along the spine with the chest. In this case, only the nipples should touch the skin of the partner.
  4. From the back we go to the buttocks. We massage each in a circle, not forgetting to stroke the coccyx area. We change the circular motions to vertical ones, they should also be smooth. This technique is called “mixing the water”, so imagination can help in its execution, drawing a picture of playing with water in the river.

Having finished with the back, we ask the beloved to roll over and proceed to massage the chest and abdomen. Rubbing is no longer needed here, it is worth limiting yourself to light strokes and kisses. We caress the breasts and nipples with lips and tongue. By the way, it is better to relax the tongue during these actions, otherwise the sensations may not be the most pleasant. And of course, do not forget to look at the reaction of the beloved man, if breathing quickens, then everything is going as it should, we continue to do our erotic massage, going down to the stomach. In the lower abdomen, just below the navel, there is another sensitive area, it must be paid attention to. We continue to move down, but we don’t immediately pull the handles to the genitals, we can only tease a little, why rush? Therefore, we caress the inner surface of the thighs from the bottom up, picking up the fingers to the space betweenHow to do erotic massage anus and scrotum. By massaging this part of the body, you can also caress the anus, however, not every man is capable of such a selfless step, although many have another erogenous zone located there. Having walked all over the body, we proceed to the final part, namely the massage of the genital organs. There is already someone in what much, so we will do without instructions. The only thing worth remembering is the tenderness of touches, otherwise, as a result of excessive efforts, you can get an incapacitated man instead of an excited man.

If the first experience of erotic massage was not particularly impressive, do not be upset, because learning how to do it correctly can only be done through practice.