Your partner will see you from a new perspective. You will appear to him as a passionate, unusual, unfamiliar, who knows how to control her body and give his body an unforgettable pleasure. How to do erotic massage for a man: there are special techniques, use our recommendations and train on your man. Believe me, he will not only not remain indifferent, but in return he will give you his affection and tenderness.

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How to do an erotic massage for a man: preparation

Valeria Aginskaya

How to do erotic massage for a man? Start by ensuring that he not only takes the correct position of the body, but also that there is an appropriate intimate atmosphere in the room where you retire. So, the man should lie on his stomach. Pay attention that the penis does not interfere with it, and the body is completely relaxed. How to define it? A little hint: if a man’s head is heavy during the massage, it means that he is relaxed enough.



Another very important point is the choice of oil, which should be a lot. If you are planning a “continuation” massage, be sure to use a special intimate oil. It can be purchased at any sex shop. The technique of erotic massage does not welcome sudden movements, unpleasant sensations on the skin, painful tweaks. To avoid this, use special massage tools. The usual massage agent, if it enters the urethra or the mucous membranes of the vagina, will cause inflammation of the tissues or a violation of the intimate flora, which is fraught, for example, with thrush.

What is body massage and how to do it

Also note that oil-based massage products are not compatible with latex condoms. Any technique of erotic massage usually flows smoothly into sexual intercourse: a man excited by massage is unlikely to want to let go of his partner just like that, after the procedure is completed. By that time, both will feel that a pleasant erotic massage can only end with sex.


During the massage, you must constantly contact with the man: all the time touch him with any part of the body, even with your knee or elbow. If in the midst of the massage, contact is interrupted, the partner will feel abandoned, and sexual tension will subside. Erotic massage is best done at home, in a familiar environment, you can light aromatic candles by dimming the electric light, turn on relaxing music, put on beautiful underwear to impress your boyfriend.

Start by synchronizing your breath. Place your palm on the man’s back, in the area between the shoulder blades. Breathe evenly and deeply, in time with your partner. Next, start slowly stroking with one finger, going down from the shoulders to the feet. Remember the advice: when a girl gives an erotic massage to a man, she only thinks about him. Not about everyday problems or about work, but completely concentrates on his body, on his breathing, on the sensations that he receives from her touch.


Massaging the feet

The technique of erotic massage includes work with different parts of the body. Including the legs. The feet are one of the most sensitive areas on the human body, they contain a large number of nerve endings. In addition, this is a rather rare kind of caress, and therefore very intimate.


Toe licking is an unusual sexual technique

How to make an erotic massage for a man – start with the feet. By massaging this part of the body, you will completely relax it, subjugate it to yourself. How to properly massage your feet? We sit on the side of the partner and put his leg on his knee, like on a roller. We stroke the palm from the heel to the fingers, stretch the foot diagonally. On the heel under the bone is a point “responsible” for an erection. Another one is between the second and third fingers.


Technique “Kitty”

The technique of erotic massage uses movements from the bottom up. And after you massaged his feet, it’s time to move on to other parts of the body. We rise from the bottom up, passing the chest through the body of a man. We put our palms along it, slowly rise up with a deflection. This movement can be repeated several times, varying the degree of pressure intensity. You do not need to make physical efforts, because this is not a wellness massage. All movements should be smooth, light and gentle. And do not spare the oil, let your hands glide over the body of a man.

Hot Spot Technique

Climbing up the body, remember how to properly do an erotic massage for a man. Your next point on his body is the lumbar region. There are many nerve endings in the sacrum, the stimulation of which contributes to active blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which is important for an erection. Massage the sacrococcygeal region with your hand, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.


Massaging the buttocks

The technique of erotic massage obliges to pay special attention to the “fifth point”. The buttocks are incredibly sensitive to gentle touches and strokes. Don’t feel sorry for the massage oil, let your fingers glide over his body. With the elbow part of the hand along the buttocks, as it were, we draw a square, stimulating the nerve endings that surround the prostate area.


Place your forearm on your spine so that your elbow is just above your buttocks. Rest the hand of the working hand in the second hand to fix the forearm. Run your forearm along one side of your spine to the top of your shoulder, applying light pressure. When a girl makes such an erotic massage to a guy, it is advisable to ask him questions about his feelings – does he like it, is it comfortable, is it convenient.



Stretching the back diagonally as you exhale

This movement will allow the back muscles to completely relax. The technique of erotic massage for a man requires skill and skill. Train and experiment, and explain to your boyfriend that you are just learning how to do erotic massage. One hand on the shoulder blade, the other – diagonally to the base of the buttocks. Then we change hands to the opposite diagonal. Make sure that the stretch is carried out on the exhale. An intense movement performed while inhaling can lead to muscle clamping.

The final phase of the massage of the back of the body

One hand goes along the waist over the shoulder and the entire length along the arm, the other – from the waist along the opposite leg, as long as the length of the arm is enough. At the same time, the palms almost do not touch the skin, but go along the hairs. You can loosen your hair and slightly touch the inguinal zone with it. In conclusion, we draw our palms up the spinal column and go down the arms. We turn the partner on his back by the far thigh. How to make an erotic massage for a man? How to make him breathe deeply and enjoy your every touch? Don’t forget that the key word in this technique is erotic.


Hand massage

To begin, iron the entire length with soft palms. The erotic massage that a girl does allows a man to see her face, body, figure. Receiving pleasant bodily pleasures, he wants to answer her in the same way. Finger and hand massage is one of the most sensual parts of the treatment. Gradually we concentrate on the palms of the man. With your thumbs, we stretch away from the base of the palm, rise to the base of the fingers and massage each mound. On each finger we twist spirals, we lead the “ski” from the base of the fingers to the base of the palm. Stroke the entire palm with kneading movements.

Going down below

With stroking movements, we descend from the chest down, make circular movements with the palms on the stomach, while not touching the penis. We go down near the feet, with pressing movements we stretch the socks away from ourselves, then towards ourselves. Kneeling to the side of the partner, we put the ribs of the palms in the middle of the chest and with a smooth squeezing movement we lead away from us along the ribs. One hand replaces the other. The technique of erotic massage at this stage avoids contact with the genitals, no matter how partners would like it.


Massaging the head

The head lies on one palm, and with the fingers of the second hand from the top of the head, we draw spirals with pressing movements. It is worth paying special attention to the back of the neck and temples, these areas need to be relieved of tension.

That’s how you got the basic skills on how to properly do an erotic massage for a man. If you use massage as a prelude to vaginal sex, then carefully monitor your partner’s breathing, if it becomes more frequent, change the pace and technique. There is a high risk of “overheating” a man, after which the erection declines.