How to determine virginity

Many fears and myths are associated with the loss of virginity, many do not even use tampons, fearing the loss of “chastity”. Therefore, it is not surprising that girls often ask themselves the question, “how to determine whether you have lost your virginity, how to find out if I am a virgin?” Feeling discomfort when using a tampon or not having experienced those during the first sexual intercourse. In this article, we will try to dispel doubts and answer the question of whether it is possible to determine virginity and how to find out if you are a virgin or not at home.

How do I know if I lost my virginity?

Before dealing with this problem, it is necessary to find out why the question actually arose, “how do I know if I am a virgin?” Why is such knowledge needed? Here we can assume several options, because of which such interest arose:

  • the first sexual intercourse, during which none of the “horror stories” that scared older girlfriends occurred (severe pain, bleeding);
  • fears that the hymen has become damaged during masturbation or due to the use of a larger tampon than required.

If doubts about your own virginity arose in the case of the absence of pain and blood during the first sexual intercourse, then you should know that the first sex is not always accompanied by unpleasant sensations for the girl. In some, the hymen is so elastic that it is only completely lost at childbirth, and until then it only stretches. You also need to consider that there is also a congenital absence of the hymen, or it can be so undeveloped that only a gynecologist can detect it. But there is another extreme – a very strong hymen. In this case, her break does not occur the first time, so the girl may experience pain during subsequent sexual contacts. If this happens, then it is better to contact a gynecologist for surgical defloration, because independent attempts to tear the hymen can lead to perineal rupture.

Many girls are afraid to use tampons, thinking that this way you can break the hymen. In most cases, this is not possible, the hymen has an opening for the release of menstrual blood. And if you use the right size tampons, nothing will happen to the hymen. In addition, even if the size is incorrect, any girl, feeling pain, will not be zealous with the introduction.

Now for masturbation. Yes, here the hymen can be damaged, but only if you use a dildo (other items) for penetration. Just caressing the clitoris in no way can damage the hymen.

If, after these explanations, there are still doubts about the loss of virginity, then you need to contact how to determine virginityto the gynecologist. Because the answer to the question of whether it is possible to independently determine virginity is negative. To say a girl is a virgin or not, only a gynecologist in an examination room can. You won’t be able to see it on your own. Even if you arm yourself with mirrors, you won’t be able to see anything on your own. Ask, how then does a gynecologist determine virginity? But the fact is that this is a specialist that no young girl is. Well, how many of you know what a hymen looks like? So do not look for information on how a gynecologist determines virginity, and try to repeat all these manipulations at home. And you should not be afraid of going to the doctor, if you are sexually active, then you need information about your health, and you can get it only with a full examination.