A sex toy will not replace sex with a partner, and sex with a partner will not replace the experience with a toy. These are phenomena from different areas: the love of pickles will not make you give up sweets.

Thanks to the toy, you can get to know yourself better: your body, your sexuality, what you like. It’s the kind of thing that’s literally made to make you feel good. You lock yourself in the bathroom or in the bedroom, kick out your boyfriend, husband, cat (or all three) and experiment. No one will pull you up, no one will rush to teach, rush, chat, correct, instruct. You and your toy are a tamper-free zone.

It is normal to feel embarrassed when choosing or receiving such a gift. And don’t expect orgasmic confetti from the first use. A toy is a gadget, and it takes time to master any gadget.

Dasha Berezovskaya:

Physical security points from Dasha Berezovskaya:

Our partners from the adult online store tizzi.ru have gone further and created sets of sex products that have everything you need. They are called Tizzi Box. They include the most popular products that suit the maximum number of people.

To make it easier for you to choose your box, the guys from tizzi came up with a test. You need to answer a few questions and the algorithm will select a box for you. This is a convenient tool for choosing a gift for your couple – you can simply send a link to the test and buy the box that the algorithm recommends.