1. Magic vacuum

During oral sex, slowly move your lips towards the base of your penis (using your hand as an “extension” for your mouth if needed). Now draw in the air and pull the dick out of your mouth even more slowly. When you get to the head, release his “jade rod” with the sound “Bang!”. Repeat until the result.

2. Crotch tenderness

His perineum (the area between the testicles and anus) is full of nerve endings, and it’s a sin not to use it. Ride your partner in a reverse cowgirl position so that he enjoys the view from behind and you can reach his treasures.

Follow him: as soon as the testicles begin to increase (a sign of an approaching orgasm), lick your fingers and gently press on the intended point.

3. Three points of pleasure

By stimulating three sensitive points at the same time, you can send him into a space of pleasure. Do you feel that the denouement is approaching? Grab his testicles with your palm, at the same time press on the crotch and continue to please him with oral caresses.

4. Moist is important

Caressing a man with your lips and tongue, use saliva to enhance pleasure. Lick your hand and his penis well. With such natural lubrication, hands and lips will glide more easily, and sensations will intensify.

5. We will pave the way to the realm of orgasm with our breasts

Lubricate your breasts with something suitable, then kneel down in front of him, squeeze your girls and put your penis between them. Lick or suck on the head as it appears between them with each thrust.


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