How to bring a guy to orgasm?

How to bring a guy to orgasm

Many forums and articles are devoted to the question of how to please a woman. Scientists convince us that the female orgasm is a multifaceted and poorly understood phenomenon. Whether business an orgasm at guys, an ejaculation – a guarantee of pleasure. In any case, many people think that the question of how to get a guy to orgasm is pretty funny. But not everything is so simple, if an ejaculation has occurred, this does not mean that the guy is experiencing an orgasm. So you should not consider men sexually more primitive and think that the question of how to deliver an orgasm to a guy does not deserve attention.

How to bring a guy to orgasm?

As mentioned above, you should not think that getting an orgasm for a guy is easy. And therefore, you must be really interested in satisfying your partner, otherwise nothing will work out. In addition, ladies often think that they need to bring a man to orgasm quickly, and they are in a hurry to finish. There is no special meaning in speed, an orgasm can visit a man, but the sensations will not be vivid. No, fast sex is welcome from time to time, but you don’t have to make it always like that. And of course, do not forget that to satisfy your loved one, not only the genitals are at your disposal. Think it’s a blowjob? But no, everyone is already used to oral sex, but for some reason many girls are embarrassed to use their hands for caresses of manhood. And completely in vain, many guys have a desire to get an orgasm with the help of the hands of their girlfriend. And in this desire there is nothing abnormal and strange. Think about it, would you get such pleasure if your partner was embarrassed about something, tightly clenched his lips and hid his hands away so as not to inadvertently hurt you? So stop being shy, the key to good sex is emancipation and trust between partners.

How to bring a guy to orgasm with your hands?

So, you decided to bring your beloved guy to orgasm with your hands, so how do you do it? To begin with, remember that you should not immediately grab your hands on the “most expensive”, start with the caresses of erogenous zones, of which there are a lot on your man’s body. These can be the inner sides of the fingers and toes, earlobes, nipples, neck, etc. Learn, see what your partner likes the most. You should start caressing the penis when the partner is already “warmed up”.

Choose a position that is comfortable for both of you, often guys like it when a girl is behind her back. Well, are you ready to raise your loved one to the pinnacle of bliss? Then a member in hand and proceed. The coverage should be tight enough, if a woman treats the penis too gently and carefully, a man may consider this as neglect and disgust. Weasels should be confident, change the force of compression and pressure. And of course, do not forget about the lubricant - in sex shops there is a large selection of lubricants. And if you haven’t reached the store, then saliva can also moisturize well, the main thing is not to caress the penis “dry” - this will not bring pleasure to either the guy or you.

The main movement during caresses is from the base to the head, but you should not limit yourself to them. Gently run your fingertips along the bridle, caress the head in a circle with sliding movements, also with your fingers or a rounded palm. Do not forget that you have two hands, and while you caress the penis with one, you can also take the second with something useful. bring a guy to orgasm with your handsFor example, you can caress her inner thighs, lower abdomen, testicles, the area between the scrotum and anus. Use your lips, tongue, hair (if long) or a silk scarf for such caresses.

If a man has no fears about stimulating the prostate, then try to get to it through the anus. Trim your nails and use lube! Just before you decide on this technique, you need to find out the attitude of a man to this kind of affection. Most of the guys are extremely protective of this part of their body, not letting anyone near it. Therefore, if you start an invasion without warning, you risk getting a lot of unflattering epithets addressed to you.