how to deal with a married man

The relationship of a free woman and a married man can last for years. And the unfaithful spouse is usually quite happy with this situation, which cannot be said about a woman who, most likely, dreams of a family and children. In this case, she often has a question – how to behave with a married man so that he leaves the family.

How to behave with a married lover?

According to statistics, long-term or not very intrigues start the majority of married men. But since their main goal is only the satisfaction of physical attraction, married men are in no hurry to “change horses at the crossing”. And it is not known who in this case was more fortunate – the one who was abandoned after one night, or the one who has been waiting for years for her beloved to leave the family.

One of the most common female techniques designed to push a married lover to divorce is blackmail. The mistress can “wean from the body” or break with her lover until he leaves the family. With some men, this works, but there is a risk that the lover will simply switch to another.

The second effective technique is to organize the most comfortable conditions for a man. A lover in this case should cook, look, have sex better than a legal wife. But if a man understands that in marriage, in any case, addiction sets in, and in a year or two his mistress will evoke the same emotions as his wife at the moment, he is unlikely to divorce.

One example of successful breeding of a man with a lawful wife is widely known. This is the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. For several years, Anna successfully supported the passion of the king, but did not enter into an intimate relationship with him. In the end, having gone into open conflict with the church and part of the European monarchs, Henry divorced. However, the end of this love story is far from cloudless – disappointed in his beloved, the king accused Anna of witchcraft and executed her.

The conclusion from all this follows a simple one – it is hardly worth building your happiness on the tears of another woman. Of course, it also happens that there really are two halves, kindred in soul and body. And they live happily ever after. But in this case, not only the woman, but also her lover strives to create a family.