How to behave in bed?

How to behave in bed

We are all well-bred girls and trained in etiquette, so we don’t need to talk about how to behave at a party and at business meetings. But once in bed with a man, we are lost, and we don’t know how to please him, what can be said, and what is silent about in bed, what the strong half of humanity likes, and what will surely scare them away. If you don’t feel confident in this area, then you should figure out in more detail how to seduce and please a man in bed. Here are some tips on this topic.

Tip 1 – down with liabilities

There are a lot of answers to the question of how to behave in bed, but the main thing to do is to take the initiative, to be active. Maybe you shouldn’t pounce on a man from the doorway, waving a whip and shouting something obscene at the same time, but you also don’t need to pretend to be a blank for Pinocchio. Who would like to have sex with a beautiful but impassive doll?

Tip 2 – variety in bed

You can give a man pleasure in bed in a variety of ways, so why stop at one long-boring position? So what’s the matter, show your passion, let a man in bed play the role of a fearless conqueror or a submissive slave, try to become a geisha or an inaccessible queen for one night. Yes, and places for sex can be different, on a soft bed, of course, it is convenient, but there are still so many pieces of furniture (and not only) that are suitable for this business. In bed, there is a place for variety and experimentation: ask what your man would like, embody your fantasies, because you probably have them.

Tip 3 – I love it when you…

Do not hesitate to tell a man what you like, guide his hand, help him find all your erogenous zones. You ask him what to do in bed, let him show you the same attention.

Tip 4 – I am beautiful always and everywhere

One of the most common mistakes in bed made by ladies is excessive worries about their appearance. For some reason, ladies believe that a man will be horrified by the crease he sees on his stomach or cellulite on his pope, and completely in vain. Firstly, ideal women do not exist (except after processing in Photoshop), and secondly, not all representatives of the strong half of humanity like thin-legged girls with an absolutely flat tummy. And, thirdly, the man has long decided that he wants you, so why be embarrassed, let him consider in detail what treasure he got. And trying to take a favorable position, hiding behind a blanket, you look ridiculous and ridiculous, what kind of variety and passion can we talk about if you cannot relax in bed?

Tip 5 – The epilator is your best friend

You should not be ashamed of your body and cover it with a blanket, but you need to give a fight to excess vegetation. Men who grow up to the very eyebrows are very upset when they see the girl’s hairs in the wrong place. In their opinion, hair has a place only on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and pubis, everything else should be devoid of such a “decoration”.

Tip 6 – five more minutes, just finish the eyelashes …

You need to take care of yourself, who would argue, but you should not keep your man waiting while you dry your head, style your hair in a stunning hairstyle, etc. If you really want to impress your man, then do everything in advance, otherwise, while waiting for the enchantress to leave the bathroom, your gentleman may forget why he actually expects you.

Tip 7 – Please don’t be silent!

How to behave in bed? Yes, whatever, just don’t be silent. How to please in bedOf course, no one asks you to chat incessantly, but you definitely need to show your man that you liked the process. A man wants to be the best in everything, and in sex too, but how will he know about it if you don’t tell him? Why do you need a partner who is tormented by the question, did she like it? Raise a person’s self-esteem, is it difficult for you or what?

Tip 8 – Love is a good thing, and sex too

Men can be romantic too, but sometimes they want something simpler. You should not say to your beloved: “We will make love to you as soon as I light all 383 candles and fill the bed with rose petals.” Quick sex can please both your man and you, try it.