How to become cute and be the center of attention of the opposite sex? The question is not easy, but every woman can be like that. To do this, you need to know only a few secrets.

How to become sweet and gentle?

  1. It is in communication that a person is able to open up. Learn to communicate sincerely. Drop the fake. Be kind to the environment. Watch your own speech: in no case do not start a conversation with such phrases as “It infuriates me …”. From the first minutes they repel the interlocutor.
  2. If there were a code of cute girls, it would definitely not only talk about how to follow the tone of voice, but also how to become charming by adding melodic notes to it. Therefore, strive not to break into a cry during a passionate defense of your own point of view. Correct your vocabulary by removing non-standard phrases from it.
  3. Pay attention to your walking. Style icon Brigitte Bordeaux has always delighted and enchanted with her posture and gait. Her movements radiate femininity. At the same time, convex forms are always covered.
  4. How to be cute? Just be modest in your makeup. Everything should be in moderation. People have always been fascinated by natural beauty, and therefore try to choose a make-up that will emphasize your beauty, and not turn you into a vulgar person.
  5. Take care of your appearance, cleanliness of hair, nails, etc. After all, oddly enough, “they are met by clothes.” Your style should always be part of your inner world. Make sure that the length of the skirt, the depth of the neckline are not too frank. Switch to delicate ballet flats, elegant shoes, boots. Exclude from the wardrobe clothes of a rough style, catchy, in places, aggressive. A tracksuit, sneakers – you don’t need to turn it into everyday comfortable clothes.