Maria Chesnokova

There is such a famous phrase “Movement is life”. Many people perceive it too one-sidedly, leaving everything at the mercy of the physical component. However, now this phrase perfectly describes the main idea of ​​our life – we cannot stand still. In any field. The success received on Monday, by Friday, without movement and development, will turn into sad memories.


In the area around sex, manifestations of stagnation are very clearly visible. Advertising from manufacturers and sex shops, the positioning of sex itself, the policy of communication between various representatives of the industry – now you can notice a huge variation in the community. There are both amazingly ethical and smart people, as well as characters, after communication with which the thought arises: “Guys, was that a bad joke?” But no, it’s not a joke.

For starters, the very positioning of sex. The vast majority of various sex trainers, bloggers and coaches present sex as a measure of success or as a means of manipulation. And if clear gender divisions were visible before, a man should fuck a lot with any girl he wants, and a girl should secure a house, a car and other benefits with one blowjob. Now they have been erased – girls are prescribed the need to be able to drag any man into bed, and men masterfully master their language (yes, I myself joke jokes about cunnilingus thanks to Marshenkulova’s famous Reebook ad).



Moreover, it is worth noting that sex in these cases is considered only penetrative or oral. Why? After all, you and I know that sex is not only genital games, that everything is decided by emotions, and not by the place where frictions are applied. There is only one reason – if you turn on emotions (pure, sincere, honest), you can no longer use sex as a means of manipulation or as a means of payment (exchange).

Positioning sex as a means of payment leads to its emotional depreciation. No pleasure – and as a result – crowds of people who automatically poke-poke, become disillusioned with sex, begin to consider it dirty and meaningless, and carry this idea to children, partners and friends.

Everyone probably already knows the notorious condom ad (Vizit), built on gender stereotypes, sexism and the idea of ​​male dominance in sex. The same idea can be traced in many brands in the sex industry, the main idea is that a man should take care of condoms (no), the more the better, the often enough humorously derogatory attitude towards sex toys for women and the almost complete lack of adequate sex advertising – toys for men.


And yes, you can say: if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But this is not only advertising, these are the thoughts and worldview that get into people’s heads. Someone will dismiss them, someone will think, and someone will make it their life principle.

Another pain is the positioning of sex products through negative framing, when the product is presented not through benefits, but through what you will lose if you do not buy. Some rather popular sex courses in Moscow sold vaginal simulators through the position “you have a bucket between your legs by the age of 30, if you don’t pump muscles, your man will leave you.” Yes, this is an effective way of selling, only it works on negative motivation and fear of loss. Is it ethical to use this method? Not in my value system.


However, now we have a tool that is independent of us – a pandemic. With all the negative aspects that it carries, there are positive aspects. The pandemic is like a cleansing forest fire – under its pressure, old trees will not withstand, but at the same time there will be a place for young growth, which is brought up on new ideas.

Already, some brands are turning to sex bloggers for advertising campaigns based on the principles of sustainability and mutual respect. And only time will tell what they really want – to change the positioning of their brand and make it meet modern views, or they will try to sit on two chairs at the same time, leading diametrically opposite advertising lines. Will they be evolutionary revolutionaries or opportunists?

One thing is clear: in the modern picture of the world, people demand respect for themselves, for personal boundaries and personal values. Consumers are less likely to turn to representatives of the old bone world and begin to look towards representatives of new progressive ideas, because it is clear: the world has changed. Forever and ever. And the new world must live by new rules.