1. Get smart

Instead of worrying about the lack of opportunity, look at the situation with humor. Even if you sleep on a sagging kitchen sofa with distant relatives, and there are ten other people in each room, you can choose a couple of minutes when no one will disturb you. Imagine it’s such a game!


2. Turn on the fantasy

There may not be a moment for ordinary sex, but isn’t this a reason to try something new? Take him to the shower while the children are talking with their grandmother, stay for a couple of minutes in the basement, where they went down for pickles … If only there was a desire!

3. Plan ahead

You never know what moment will be right. So think about contraception and take your favorite sex toy and lubricant with you.

4. Keep him fit

Even if sex does not happen, everyone will only get better from small signs of attention. Hold his hand, give him a light massage, make him laugh… Let him be ready for adventures too!

5. Don’t hide

Many holiday sex problems can be solved if you stop hiding from your grandmother and admit that you are dating. Plus, it’s a great time to meet your parents!