“I consider myself a good lover, I like to try new things – and one day I thought, how can you calculate the health benefits of sex? I bought a tiny fitness tracker that you put on your finger to count your heart rate, sleep quality, and other health indicators. Why shouldn’t he check if I’m doing my best in the bedroom?

This ring can record vital signs all the time. And if you twist it on your finger, it is synchronized with your smartphone – and there you can track data in real time. Of course, there is no “sex” mode in the application, but you can add it manually.

So my wife and I decided to give it a try without doing anything out of the ordinary in bed. I put the tracker on my finger, kicked the dog out of the bedroom, undressed – and rushed: caresses with my hands, mouth and other parts of the body. We made each other nice for about half an hour.

When it was over, I synced the ring with my smartphone. What were the results? From 12.20 to 12.50 I had a “cardio workout”, during which the pulse rose to peak values ​​and fell back. The low pulse matched those 6-7 minutes while I cunnilingused her so that we were on an equal footing on the road to orgasm. After it, the pulse gradually decreased to normal values.

What have we taken away from this? I realized that I was really good in bed.

How many calories are burned while doing this? Probably about 200. That is, if you have sex three times a week, then you can spend 30 thousand a year without going to the gym. Sexologists say that a blowjob burns only 24 calories per hour, sex games with sound – about 5 calories per moan, a deep strong orgasm – 24 calories, petting – up to 90 calories per hour. Sexual intercourse itself is about 100 calories for men and 70 for women.

Surely in the coming years there will be trackers that will be able to track movements and draw conclusions from this, calculate the volume of blood flowing to the penis. In short, future experiments will certainly be more interesting!”