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Masturbating a couple of hours before sex will help him last longer. The fact is that ejaculation during masturbation reduces the sensitivity of the penis, and it will take him longer to reach orgasm the second time. There is one problem with this method: some men experience a sharp drop in libido if they have already masturbated. So, if you use this method, it is best if he masturbates at least 2 hours before making love.


If you are going to help him with this, joint masturbation can be an interesting warm-up game before the “main course”.

Prolonging agents

There are many condoms and menthol lubricants on the market today that reduce penis sensitivity and help prolong sexual intercourse.

Just don’t forget to test it on the crook of your elbow first to make sure you don’t have an allergy.

Not only a member

Even if he “broke” and you did not manage to get an orgasm, it does not matter. After all, sex can be without penis penetration into the vagina. Ask him to help you with your hands or tongue. If you absolutely need something “bigger”, you can always use your favorite dildo.


Postponement Techniques

There are also specific techniques that help men last longer.

Stop-Start Method

The essence of the method is very simple: just before reaching orgasm, a man should stop and start again only when the wave of excitement subsides a little. While doing this, you can take one or more deep breaths to relax.


Technique 7–9

The essence of the method is the alternation of seven fast and nine slow frictions. With this combination, a man will not be able to reach the finish line too quickly and at the same time will not be too lethargic to make you bored.

Change of positions

If in some position a man ends too quickly, the solution is nowhere simpler: just offer him another position. Such a simple way out as changing the angle can greatly diversify your sex life. At the same time, it is not forbidden to change the position during sex – there is no law according to which, as you start, you must finish.


The best postures for postponing ejaculation are those during which the man does not penetrate the woman too deeply. For example, the “Spoon” position, when lovers lie on their side, the man is behind. This is both a very gentle and at the same time comfortable position.

erection rings

By partially restricting blood flow, erectile rings delay ejaculation and help prolong pleasure for both partners. In addition, such rings give the penis, so to speak, “self-confidence” and firmness of intentions – they even help in case of erectile dysfunction.

Usually, for sex with a partner, the ring is put on the shaft of the penis, as it will touch and stimulate the clitoris, and it will help the man maintain an erection longer than usual.