A recent study on the division of household chores showed that equal division has a positive effect on the activity of intimate life. Interestingly, just a few years earlier, other researchers, on the contrary, adhered to the position that there is more sex in families with a traditional way of life.

In a new study, data were taken from the beginning of the 90s and the end of the 2000s in the United States. Couples were divided into three types: traditional (more than 65% of household chores are done by a woman), equal (35-65%) and matriarchal (more than 65% are done by a man). 25 years ago there were more than 80% of the former, and those who remained in the second and third columns declared that sex was not enough. Now everything has changed: bisect couples have the most sex (6.8 times a month, which is 0.5 times more than traditional couples, and twice as many as those where all the work lies with the husband).

This means that an honest division of household chores contributes to sexual desire! And if you are not satisfied with your intimate life, give your husband a mop – or take it away if he already performs all household duties.