A survey of 294 couples conducted by the University of Frankfurt (Germany) showed that men after vasectomy have more sex, are more aroused, have more pronounced erections and have more powerful orgasms. Their partners also report increased sexual arousal. One of the likely reasons for this is the lack of fear of becoming pregnant and the need to take hormonal contraceptives.

Two out of five men said they had significantly improved sex after the operation, and 12.4% said it increased in frequency. 4.5% noted that there was less sex, but increased satisfaction from it.

Of course, one can refer to a small sample and the fact that men after vasectomy really wanted to share with scientists the increased quality of life, including sexual one. But paired with this study is data from Stanford, where they interviewed about 6,000 men. It turned out that men after the operation have sex 5.9 times a month, and normal – 4.9. So, if a partner is thinking about a vasectomy but hesitates, these statistics will give him another argument in favor of the operation.