How does oral sex change a man?

how oral sex changes a man

Many girls think about how oral sex changes a man. No wonder he insists on it so much! The question of whether to practice this type of love or not, everyone decides for himself, but we will consider the most piquant questions that girls are so interested in.

Why do men love oral sex?

Are you still wondering if men like oral sex? Make no mistake – they love it. And if he himself talks to you about it, then it is important for him.

The question of why men like oral sex can be answered in different ways, and each of these answers will be correct. You should start with the fact that for the most part men are very fond of sex, in general, in all its manifestations. And at the moment when the classic version is already boring, you can always try something new using such an unconventional method.

In addition, oral sex, according to men, expresses a special degree of affection and love for a woman. Still, the representatives of the stronger sex treat their sexual organ with special reverence, and your willingness to caress it in this way will be highly appreciated. But the refusal of oral sex for a man can be quite offensive, because in this way you reject him. However, not all men see such a deep meaning in this action.

Oral sex like men and purely for aesthetic reasons. From a male point of view, everything that you do with your tongue and lips with such a powerful erogenous zone is not only incredibly pleasant, but also terribly exciting.

Of course, the most important thing that men love oral sex for is the sensations that he gets from it. Whatever you say, it is much more pleasant than manual stimulation, and gives a greater variety of sensations than classic sex – after all, a partner can use a variety of techniques and caresses.

So you should have no doubts about whether men like oral sex. Too many factors make a strong part of humanity treat this process in a special way.

Proper oral sex

You do not know how to satisfy a man with oral sex, but you really want to do it? You have several ways to achieve optimal results that can be combined.

  1. Watch educational films. Yes, we are talking about pornography. Sometimes it’s better to see once than hear 100 times, and it may be easier for you to understand the basic principles in this way.
  2. Read specialized books. In the ancient Kama Sutra and a host of other publications, you can subtract various “chips” that can be used during an oral act. The main thing is to try them in practice!
  3. Practice! No matter how deep your knowledge in this area, in practice, in any case, you will learn all the wisdom much faster and more efficiently. Ask a man to tell you what he likes best and what you don’t do well.

Due to the pronounced positive attitude of men towards oral sex, your young man will surely be happy to help you figure it out.why men love oral sex in all the wisdom of this kind of love. Remember the three universal rules: no dangerous tooth movements, less specific sounds, and more lube or saliva. This will help you give your partner maximum pleasure.

How does oral sex change a man?

As a rule, after the couple also begins to practice oral sex, the relationship between them becomes closer and more tender. Still, this is already a new step of trust, and usually a man is very grateful for this. However, this may not be too pronounced.