how does an orgasm happen

There is one thing in the world that can not be compared with anything, in terms of its sensations – an orgasm. Thanks to him, a woman can get rid of migraines, bad moods and get a lot of unforgettable emotions.

How does an orgasm happen in girls?

Orgasm is the peak of sexual satisfaction. If we consider how the female orgasm occurs, physiologically, then it can be described as follows: contractions of the muscles of the vagina increase, thereby accelerating the process of ejaculation of the partner. Further, during orgasm, the cervix is ​​stretched, as it were, which allows it to move towards the head of the penis. Such a mechanism, created by the law of nature, not only enhances the stimulation of both partners, but also increases the chances of fertilization.

During an orgasm, many women can lose control over themselves: start moaning, screaming, scratching their partner’s back. Scientists have found that at this moment changes occur in the female brain, they are similar to changes during an epileptic seizure.

If a woman is able to experience multiple orgasms, then the power of her sensations will increase with each subsequent one. She will experience the whole gamut of feelings on the last orgasms.

What happens to the body during orgasm?

Initially, during orgasm, the number of estrogens that are produced by the ovaries increases. This contributes to the production of vaginal mucus, which in turn releases pheromones that attract a man.

At the very top of orgasm, prolactin, the hormone that is responsible for the appearance of breast milk, begins to go off scale. This is why the breasts swell during intercourse.

Another hormone released during orgasm is oxytocin. It acts on the muscles of the uterus, which, increasing, increase its tone, due to which it begins to contract intensively and rapidly.

After a woman has reached orgasm, the hormones oxytocin and what happens during an orgasmprolactin awaken in her maternal feelings. This explains her desire to communicate, hug and caress a man immediately after sex.

How does a jet orgasm happen?

Jet orgasm or squirting is a very powerful ejaculatory burst with a large volume of secretion, up to 50 ml., Which is accompanied by an incredibly strong orgasm.

To be able to achieve and prolong a jet orgasm, you need to regularly train the intimate muscles. They do this with the help of special vaginal exercises, but there are lucky women who have it by nature.