how to know if a guy is a virgin

Undoubtedly, every man dreams of being the first sexual partner of his chosen one, but not every woman will be happy to know that her boyfriend is a virgin. Why such injustice? The fact is that for the weak half of humanity, the experience of a partner is important, because if both the girl and the guy do not have experience, it will be more difficult for them to learn how to please each other. A girl with great pleasure will trust an experienced guy who will not yield to her in the skill of love games.

So how do you know if a guy is a virgin? In order to accurately answer this question, it is worth paying attention to a number of moments that occur during the communication of lovers and, of course, immediately before sexual intercourse.

How do you know if a guy is a virgin?

  1. Modesty and stiffness in movements. How does a virgin boy behave? Of course, modestly, no matter how he tries to hide it, a strong desire takes over him, and if you look closely, you will definitely notice stiffness in his movements, trembling and fear.
  2. Unusual verbal stiffness. The virgin guy is very afraid of showing that he is one, so he will avoid talking about “it” at all costs. No matter how strange it may sound, but even in his jokes you will never hear vulgarity.
  3. How to distinguish a virgin guy? Of course, on strange questions. Well, for example, like this: “Are you sure that it is right to do this? – Don’t you think that doing it this way is not beautiful? – Why do it at all?” etc. And a virgin guy will definitely ask you: “Are you still a virgin?” Anyone else would not be interested, but would simply take matters into their own hands and check.
  4. Complete zero in bed. You have finally reached this moment and, it would seem, why be embarrassed now, here you are naked in front of him and all that remains is to do the job, but suddenly you realize that he actually does not know what exactly and how to do it. You just have to show and tell what and how.
  5. How can you tell if a guy is a virgin? Very simple as how to know if a guy is a virginas a rule, a virgin is very quickly overexcited, which is why sexual intercourse can last several seconds. However, there is nothing terrible in this, and this does not mean at all that now it will always be so. Over time, he will learn to restrain himself and your intimacy will bring you unprecedented pleasure.

Dear ladies, if you are concerned about the question: “How to check if a guy is a virgin?” think about it, is it worth it? Why check and identify any vices in your loved one? For the first time, it’s not easy for him to overcome his fear and self-doubt, do not create a problem from scratch. A man should not be a sex giant with thousands of partners behind him. Everything can be learned with one beloved woman who will never allow him to doubt her attractiveness.