how can a woman get an orgasm

It has long been no secret that more than half of the female population of the planet Earth does not even suspect what an orgasm is. The worst thing is that a very small percentage of women still dare to admit it, even fewer try to find a solution to the problem. In fact, only a few percent of women really cannot get an orgasm due to congenital pathologies of the structure of the genital organs, for all the rest there is a solution to the problem.

Why can’t you get an orgasm?

There can be several reasons for not having an orgasm. When you find the reason for your “not working”, you will understand what you need to do to get an orgasm. Let’s try to figure out what can interfere with pleasure:

  • Very often the problem lies in your sexual past. It is rare when a girl really enjoys the first sexual intercourse. Remember your first partners: how sensitive and gentle they were, how attentive they were to you. It is possible that your first partners were selfish and did not even think about how to help a woman get an orgasm.
  • Remember if you experienced an orgasm during masturbation: oddly enough, it is much easier for a woman to get a strong orgasm with the help of clitoral stimulation. On the one hand, this indicates that you definitely do not suffer from anargasmia, but at the same time, you significantly complicate the task for your partner. Often women who are accustomed to getting an orgasm due to external stimulation “open” for a vaginal orgasm longer.
  • How can you get a strong orgasm if there is no complete trust between partners? Often a woman worries, reproaches herself and looks for reasons why her beloved cannot fully satisfy her. And much less often between couples there is a frank conversation when a woman openly talks about her feelings and fears. Well, how can a man understand what pleases you, and what, on the contrary, makes you nervous if you don’t tell him about it yourself? Tell him about your feelings and desires, in what position you want to get an orgasm, maybe you need a special atmosphere. Share with your loved one – trust and frankness often solve such problems.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth. It is believed that after childbirth, a woman begins to get an orgasm much faster and tunes in to the wave faster. From a physiological point of view, this is true, but from a psychological point of view, things are different. Postpartum depression and the hormonal state of a woman significantly complicate the task for the spouse. Here, more attention should be paid not so much to the process of having sex, but to the emotional preparation of a woman.

Ways to get an orgasm

Now that you have found your reason and discussed it with your loved one, you can safely start working on yourself. There is a very simple recipe to learn how to get a quick orgasm: tighten your muscles and relax your thoughts. What does it mean:

  • Tension of internal muscles. From time to time during the day, do the so-called Kegel exercises: squeeze and relax those muscles that help keep the urge to urinate. What it gives: there is an influx of blood to the pelvic organs and, as a result, excitement.
  • what to do to get an orgasm

  • Relaxation. The consciousness of a woman is so arranged that there is not a minute of time when her thoughts are not busy. Try to turn off the brain and block the flow of thoughts, just surrender to your feelings from the touch of a partner. Do not rely on your partner’s intuition, guide him, suggest what and how to do. Listen to your feelings: with the help of muscle tension, it will be easier to determine in which position it is easier for you to have an orgasm.

Try not to delay the solution of the problem for a long time, because the partner may not be aware of it. Your man will not be able to figure out how to help the woman he loves have an orgasm until you yourself take the first step.