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Men, like women, need a constant variety in the intimate sphere. And it’s better that you look for virtual variety, not real. If you want even its virtual variety to be limited to you, read our guide to shooting your own home video.

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First, you need to prepare in advance. Find a tripod for the camera – the most common one will do, as long as the camera is firmly held. You can do without a tripod, but then the edge of the table will constantly flicker in the frame or the shooting will be very low. Still, with a tripod, you can adjust the height of the frame and its position. As for the camera, both a budget DSLR and a not-so-expensive camcorder will do. If you shoot on a mobile phone camera, then you should not expect amazing picture quality, most likely, it will be problematic to watch such a video on a TV or computer screen.

Secondly, the main characters of the film, of course, will be you, but in order to not be ashamed to watch later, you should think over the scenery and interior in advance. Grandma’s carpet and icons in the corner will not be the best prospect for the erotic genre, so if there are problems with the scenery, it is better to rent a hotel room for a few hours and capture everything there, this is how most professional adult films are shot.

The key to the success of any film is rehearsals. Even for home video filming, you should not neglect this rule: select in advance the angles that show your body from the most advantageous side.

The best angle for shooting a person is slightly from above, so the proportions of the body will remain approximately the same as in life.

The best angle for shooting a person is slightly from above, so the proportions of the body will remain approximately the same as in life, but if you shoot from below (by the way, this is exactly what happens if you shoot without a tripod), you will be surprised to find yourself with a double chin and + 10 kilogram, because due to optical deformation, the camera always adds weight, and how a person looks is highly dependent on the shooting angle and lighting.

In the moonlight… not good

Now let’s move on to lighting: for filming indoors, there should be a lot of light, preferably natural, since artificial light can flicker in the frame. If you forget about this detail, then you risk getting something close to a shadow theater instead of a video, since the camera optics are significantly inferior to our eye and it will be difficult for it to recognize movement in dim light. By the way, natural light can threaten you with curious neighbors if your windows directly overlook either the courtyard or the neighbors’ windows.

Become screenwriters, not just actors

After the “Motor” command, you should not rush into each other’s arms. Develop at least a minimal plot, the use of additional paraphernalia will be a plus. Masks, underwear, whips, handcuffs, even if they are not used for their intended purpose, will look quite impressive in the frame. It is better to shoot from several angles, periodically rearranging the camera, then you can glue it all into a single film using the simplest video editors – this way the video will look more dynamic and alive.

Most importantly, don’t be too critical of yourself. It is unlikely that when shooting for the first time, you will receive a video that claims to be a PornoScar. So relax and try to enjoy the whole process.


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