Decent girls don’t watch porn? No matter how! They adore him. Let’s finally face the truth. According to statistics from adult site PornHub last year, every fourth visitor from Russia is a woman. They spend an average of 9 minutes watching naughty videos, mostly on Sundays.


Porn is a controversial topic that always causes a lot of controversy. Feminists call it misogynistic and criticize it for its banal plots.

“Girls should be turned on by high and smart things, not Tarzan the Plumber’s furious pipe-cleaning. Less flesh – more romance, ”consider many of the fair sex.

I don’t agree with this! We choose different ways to arouse sexual desire: someone says that you need to overeat chocolate, but personally I prefer porn – dirty, unpretentious and juicy. If I need complex dramaturgy and skillful dialogue, I will turn on the series on Netžflix. And when I want to see two people having sex (excuse the bluntness), I upload porn. I usually watch it alone when my man is on a business trip. Sometimes we do it together, showing each other our favorite videos (by the way, a good way to find out what really turns your boyfriend on in sex).


As a progressive feminist, I should straighten my glasses and say that I prefer “Porn for Women”. Soft, beautifully filmed, where they play not actresses stuffed with silicone, but normal girls – like you and me, and diligent partners with them – begin with a long prelude. But no, I’m a fan of classic “male” porn – cheap and sticky. The freedom is that you choose any genre and feel no remorse because of your desires.

Are you new? Then maybe Porn for Women, X Art (artistic), HD (high-definition video) are queries that should be entered in the search line on an adult site. I think that content like this, in moderation, is a great addition to any couple’s sex life. There I often peep how to use new toys, or look for outfit ideas for themed nights. I like to find interesting poses and try them in real life.


There is a terrible misconception that if you or your boyfriend watch porn, then you are not satisfying each other. Internet videos are not a substitute for sex, I even agree that some videos are super unpleasant and ridiculous. But if you are over 18, then there is nothing criminal and shameful in watching and enjoying porn. The one you like!