“Jessica Jones”


Every time Jessica meets Luke Cage, the walls shake and the floor shakes. Their poor neighbors. The scenes featuring this duet are simply breathtaking! It’s hard to believe that there’s nothing sexual about filming these scenes, according to the actors.

Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) says, “These scenes are so carefully crafted that there is nothing sexual about them. But if you’re going to be in a scene like this, it’s not too bad to do it with Mike. He looks great, but he’s also just a nice guy, always ready to watch your back. I always feel safe with him.”

“Eighth Sense”

The Wachowski sisters created a real ode to tolerance, freedom and sex. The famous orgy scene from the first season outshone the most explicit episodes of Game of Thrones. Love between a man and a woman, between a man and a man, between a former man and a woman…


In general, there is something to look at. And you also quickly develop sympathy for all the characters in this story – so much so that it’s simply impossible not to cry at the end of the second season.

“Real blood”

It was in this series that we first saw the naked Alexander Skarsgård. For this alone, you can give the picture the Golden Bells award.

There have been plenty of weird, twisted, and even nasty sex scenes in seven seasons of Blood. Take at least the episode between the vampire Bill and his ex-girlfriend, whom he hated to such an extent that in the process he twisted her head 180 degrees. But vampires are like owls, so the lovers didn’t even stop.

By the way, Anna Paquin, the lead actress, was already in a relationship with Stephen Moyer, her colleague in the shooting. However, this did not stop her from having fun with Alexander Skarsgard under the snow in furs. Well, we can’t blame her for that.


“Call Girl”

It would be strange to expect puritan morality from a series about an escort. So yes, there is really a lot of sex in this series, all sorts of things. But the series, of course, is about how hard it is for a law student to find a part-time job and earn some money. So much so that you have to take the vacancies that are given, and not sort through.


“Game of Thrones”

Okay, we couldn’t help but include in this selection the brainchild of HBO, where even castrati indulge in burning passion and nothing stops them. With the characters of the series, as a rule, one of two things happens: either they have sex or they die, there is no third. Okay, still from time to time someone flies on dragons.


“American Horror Story”

The line between “exciting” and “disgusting” in this series is so thin that more often than not the balance is outweighed by the latter. One of the stars of American History, Jessica Lange, was asked if there was something that she would never do on camera. “No,” Jessica replied. No – and that says it all, about the same position is followed by all the other actors. Be warned: after some sex scenes, you won’t feel like it for a long time.

“The Tudors”

“Superman”, i.e. Henry Cavill, was the real sex machine of this series. He tried so hard that he even got into an awkward position.

“The girl had to sit on me, she had just great breasts, and I didn’t have time to move … to a safe position. So she rubbed against me and I got an erection. I was very sorry, this is very unprofessional and unacceptable.”