Sex is not always the way you want. It is especially disappointing if a holiday or vacation is spoiled because of this. This is how it happens – we bet you, too, have experienced something similar!

Horror, not sex!  8 real stories about unsuccessful intimacy


  1. “My boyfriend and I ran around the kitchen around the table, and when one caught up with the other, we kissed. We were so carried away by the process that we caught a birthday cake – and it fell to the floor. Outwardly, it almost didn’t hurt. Quickly raised is not considered fallen, we decided, returned it to the place and didn’t tell anyone!” — Olga, 24 years old.
  2. “I came home for the holidays. Then I was still dating a girl from the class, and then I went to her place. Everything was fine, but after sex she was sad. It turned out that she decided to break up with me. I knew that she was thinking about it, but she decided to check, suddenly the feelings have not yet passed, ”- Grigory, 23 years old.
  3. “During the sales, the man and I decided to go shopping. There were a lot of people everywhere, we had to take one booth for fitting. Word for word – and we decided to have sex right there. And suddenly a boy crawled under the curtain, who was with his mother in the next booth, and said, “Hi!” We got scared and quickly turned everything off, and he explained to my mother that we were kissing, ”Anna, 28 years old.
  4. “My girlfriend and I decided to have sex on New Year’s Eve. We were 18, celebrated with friends … In general, we drank at midnight, and I woke up at noon. She was upset, but everything happened in the evening,” Anton, 25 years.
  5. “I invited a new guy to visit us for a holiday. Everything was going well, but at the moment when I gave him a blowjob, my father came in. He was so angry that he put the gentleman on the street! So my holiday was ruined completely,” Alice, 24 years old.
  6. “Imagine the picture: evening, bedroom, she moves rhythmically on me … and suddenly asks: “Will you come to my grandfather’s wake? Today is 9 days old!” Erection as if by hand removed! – Maxim, 30 years old.
  7. “My girlfriend prepared for the first sex for a long time: she read endless books, sent me photos of different poses … And when it came down to it, it turned out that she was shy, she could only lie on her back in a nightgown. And nothing changed over time! six months, having accumulated resentment, I broke up with her, ”- Ivan, 25 years old.
  8. “When he offered me BDSM, I was even delighted! But who knew that in a fit of passion he would whip me across the chest with a spiked belt! In general, the experiment failed,” Dinara, 25 years old.