1. Is it possible to get pregnant like this?

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Yes. In the pre-ejaculate there are active spermatozoa, albeit a little. Men cannot contain this reaction of the body, unlike the normal ejection of sperm. It happens suddenly, it can even start before you decide to use a condom in the middle of the process.

2. How is it different from regular ejaculation?

The main difference is in the source. Pre-ejaculate comes out of Cooper’s glands, and normal comes out of the testicles. But the sperm is essentially the same. When a man is aroused, Cooper’s glands (aka bulbourethral glands) produce pre-cum that flows through the urethra. There are few spermatozoa in it, and they are not produced in these glands.

3. What is all this for?

It prepares the “path” for the usual ejaculate, washing out the remaining urine and relieving irritation in the urethra. And yet – additionally lubricates the vagina, getting there. This is, in fact, such a male lubricant.

4. Is there a female equivalent?

Yes! Women have tiny Bartholin glands located at the entrance to the vagina that also secrete a lubricating secret.

5. And what are the risks?

They are small, but do not discount them. You can get an infection or get pregnant. That is why the reliability of interrupted intercourse is low! Therefore, contraception should be considered before the “meeting” of the penis with the vagina occurs.