Guy is a virgin

Guy is a virgin

It is common in our society to think that most guys by the age of twenty already have sexual experience. However, this is not the case for all men, and a guy can be a virgin even at 25, which does not prevent him from being handsome and successful. Not all girls are ready for such a situation, and many simply do not know what to do if the guy is a virgin.

Everyone has had sex for the first time, but it is men who are ashamed of their virginity, and the older they get, the more she worries them. It can be said with full confidence that the further sexual life of a virgin is in the fragile hands of his first woman. Tact and caution – these are the qualities that must be shown when communicating with a guy without sexual experience. No need to be surprised to learn that a guy in his 20s is a virgin, just take it for granted.

How to recognize a virgin guy?

This is not difficult, usually such men are romantic and sublime, they are not inclined to talk about sexual topics, they do not ask for a “cup of coffee” on the first evening.

The reasons for male virginity can be different:

  • a guy can adhere to the point of view that sex without love is impossible, and therefore wait for his “only” and most desired one in order to give himself to her;
  • perhaps a man has complexes about the size of the penis, its shape, due to the presence of a birthmark, a scar;
  • low self-esteem can also be the cause of male virginity, even in outwardly self-confident men;
  • lack of interest in sex is another reason. Perhaps the guy was just very busy – with work, study, sports, hobbies, and he had no time for girls;
  • a bad experience in the past can permanently discourage a guy from starting a relationship with a girl again. Perhaps the previous girl showed blatant faux pas, or shocked the young man with her indiscretion, and this psychologically traumatized him so much that he did not dare to try again;
  • the guy might be a mama’s boy. Excessive maternal guardianship often does not allow a man to become completely independent, and constant obsessive control deprives him of initiative.

So what do you do if your boyfriend is a virgin and you ended up in bed with him, or really crave to be in it? Sex with a virgin guy, whose age is 18-20 years old, can be quite “on the level”. After all, hormones at this age are literally raging, and if such a guy has already reached the “cherished fruit”, then he will certainly be tireless in bed. But still in such a situation it is better to remember some recommendations:

  • the behavior of a virgin guy may indicate his insecurity. The duty of a woman is to help overcome it. The guy must be sure of your love, and also that you will not leave him, even if the first attempt to have sex is unsuccessful;
  • in no case should you remember your other partners. The guy is already afraid to be not up to par, from such memories he will only get worse.
  • how to excite a virgin guy? No need to rush, give the initiative to him, let the guy decide to kiss you, undress you, go to sex;
  • sex with a virgin guy

  • be patient, because decisive steps may have to wait more than one day. Just talk about your love, that you want him;
  • he should know that you like his body, be gentle, caress him yourself. But if the guy doesn’t immediately let you in on the “most valuable thing,” don’t insist, be careful.

There are situations when a guy and a girl are virgins. In this case, before embarking on the practice of sex, you should study the theory well, read the relevant literature. It is better to start with mutual caresses, and move on to sex after a few nights spent together.