Golden rain - what is it, the difference from squirt, what are the types, how to prepare?

Modern society is so liberated that much of what was previously considered a perversion in the modern world ceases to amaze. Deviations include wet sex, the second name is golden rain, which is studied by psychologists and other specialists.

What is golden rain?

Urophilia is one of the practices in sex. Its essence lies in the fact that partners during sexual intercourse urinate on each other. You can write on any part of the body, these games are BDSM. In this case, the partner who does this is considered active, and the second is passive. Golden rain causes many people a strong arousal, some even at the thought of it, an erection or lubrication occurs.

What is the difference between squirt and golden shower?

Unknowing people can confuse these concepts, although in fact they have nothing in common. Golden rain is one of the types of sexual entertainment, which for many is a perversion. Squirting is a jet orgasm, an involuntary process that occurs as a result of prolonged stimulation of a certain area of ​​the vagina. During it, a liquid called female ejaculate is released, and the golden shower is a controlled process.

female gold rain

Golden rain – psychology

Specialists identify biochemical and psychological factors that lead to the development of urophilia. To decide whether the golden shower is a deviation or a norm, one must consider existing opinions.

  1. From the point of view of biochemistry, the hormone androsterone is present in the urine, which attracts some females.
  2. Psychological reasons are due to the positive emotions that a person experiences after emptying the bladder.
  3. Sexologists claim that urination affects some of the erogenous endings that are involved during intimacy. Having sex with a full bladder and emptying it helps to achieve a stronger orgasm by putting pressure on them.

Why do you like golden rain?

For those who love experiments in intimate life, different types of role-playing games are suitable. Girls and guys like pissing, maybe because the urination process is hidden, and many people like to peep. Polls have shown that some people find it sexy.

  1. There are men who claim that they like it when their partners lose control during sexual pleasures, allowing themselves to urinate on them.
  2. Golden shower pissing is considered one of the methods of foreplay or stimulation during sex.
  3. The closeness between partners becomes even stronger because it requires a high degree of trust.

What is the benefit of golden rain?

Employees of a clinical center in the UK conducted a study proving the positive properties of pissing. According to them, when guys and girls piss on each other, their physical and mental health improves. Many experts consider the male and female golden rain to be a cosmetic and health-improving procedure, equating it to urine therapy. Sex pissing does not pose any health hazard, if a person is not sick, his urine is safe.

what is golden shower

Types of golden rain

In BDSM practices, urophilia is often used. Currently, the following methods of excitation from urine are known:

  1. Watching people pee. Scientifically, this is called voyeurism. This can be done covertly or openly.
  2. Pee with a friend or girlfriend and watch each other.
  3. Write to a partner. You can do this on a specific part of the body or on the whole person. A passive partner can suggest direction with words.
  4. Pee in front of everyone. Such urolagnia is considered an element of exhibitionism. You can do it explicitly or find a secluded place and observe others in the process.
  5. Pee on yourself. Some get a pleasant sensation from the fact that the warm liquid spreads over the body.
  6. Piss into partner’s mouth. You can try to catch the jet in a playful way or specifically aim at certain parts of the face.

How to prepare for the golden shower?

In order to get the maximum pleasure from the process, it is recommended to drink a large amount of liquid beforehand. Getting acquainted with what is golden rain in sex, many are interested in what is better to drink before the process. To obtain a pleasant aroma and taste, it is recommended to use:

  • tea or juice;
  • watermelon;
  • beer.

There are people who love bright smells and enjoy golden rain in the morning when urine is most fragrant, but beginners should refrain from such an experiment. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the following products:

  • coffee;
  • dark meat;
  • eggs;
  • acute.

How to persuade a golden shower?

The practice of pissing should be carried out by mutual agreement of the partners. This kind of BDSM like a golden shower is not subject to persuasion. If a person has no interest in such experiments, then pressure from outside will not cause him. It is important to discuss a possible situation and voice important points for yourself, for example, the desire to experiment and experience new pleasant sensations. After that, you need to give the partner time to think it over and accept or not the expressed wishes.

excitement from urine

How to make golden rain?

For beginners, there are some rules that are recommended to learn in order to get only positive emotions from the process. Golden rain during sex requires complete filling of the bladder. The best time for it, everyone determines for himself, so someone likes to do it at the beginning to stimulate arousal, and someone at the peak moment. You can start step by step:

  1. Pee on each other’s hands or feet in the bath.
  2. Next time you can do it on other parts of the body.
  3. With the consent of the partner, you can try to pee on his face.

Those people who practice wet sex claim that having mastered it, you can significantly diversify the intimate life of a couple. When partners are in full health, there is nothing to be afraid of, while urine is easily washed off with warm water. You can get extra pleasure after pissing by washing each other and turning it into another role-playing game.

Golden rain – pose

There are no special positions for male and female pissing, so experimentation is appropriate here. Often couples use positions for oral sex.

  1. The woman lies on her back, bends her legs and spreads them apart. The man is on his knees so that his face is near the partner’s genitals.
  2. pissing position

  3. The man stands and the woman sits on the floor, stretching her legs between his limbs.
  4. golden rain pose

  5. The man lies on his back, and the woman sits down, resting on her knees, so that her genitals are above the partner’s face.
  6. pissing positions

  7. The man stands so that his partner can sit between him. The woman is located with her back, resting on her hands from behind, tilting her head.
  8. sex positions