Frigidity in women - what is it and how to get rid of anorgasmia?

The coldness of a woman can have different reasons. So, perhaps a particular man is unpleasant to her and she does not want to have intimacy with him. In addition, such behavior may indicate a woman’s frigidity. Let’s try to find out frigidity in women – what it is and whether this disease can be cured.

What is frigidity?

In the modern world, frigidity is not considered something out of the ordinary. Now men and women can not only suspect the presence of such a disease, but also try to fight it. According to sexologists, who treat this term very carefully, frigidity is a persistent decrease in sexual desire, or the absence of orgasmic sensations.

Frigidity in psychology

There are also psychological aspects of frigidity. The disease often indicates attempts to maintain control, which may be due to a conflict of sexual preferences, or because of the shame of one’s own erotic desires. In addition, a frigid girl may feel ugly, even ugly, and thus wants to hide her own body from others. Perhaps the refusal of sexual satisfaction is the only thing she can dispose of in life.

The cause of the disease may also be that a woman considers sexual intercourse to be something shameful and even dirty, turning a woman into a prostitute. All these feelings are often formed in childhood under the influence of parents. Frigidity may occur if:

  1. Mother was afraid of sex.
  2. The father often insulted the mother.
  3. There was resentment in intimate relationships.
  4. As a child, they were taught that sex is bad.

Frigidity – myth or reality?

In fact, there is female frigidity, or is it fiction? Until now, some men assume that there are no cold women, but there are isolated cases when a woman refuses to have sexual relations with a particular man. However, doctors say that such a disease as frigidity can be in the fair sex for various reasons.

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Are there many frigid women?

Someone is sure that there are no cold women, and someone himself suffers from the frigidity of his beloved and does not know how to get rid of this problem. So, are there really a lot of frigid women or only a few? The statistics are relentless, the percentage of frigidity in women in Russia, according to some sources, reaches 42%. Perhaps this is the reason for the frequent divorces. Although the problem here is not so much in the disease itself, but in the fact that young people do not want to solve problems and quickly give up when faced with life’s troubles.

Causes of frigidity in women

What is the sexual coldness of a woman connected with? These are the main causes of frigidity:

  1. Hormonal factor – fluctuations in hormonal levels can greatly affect a woman’s life. If testosterone is produced insufficiently, then sexual desire disappears.
  2. Psychological – the basis can be an unsuccessful previous experience of sexual relations and hidden grievances against the current partner. In addition, violence can also kill the desire for sex.
  3. Physiological – female frigidity may be associated with the anatomical features of the body that prevent sexual contact.

Signs of frigidity in women

In women, sexual coldness can manifest itself in different ways. Common symptoms of frigidity include:

  1. Anorgasmia in women – in the presence of frigidity, a woman often does not have an orgasm. In this case, she may experience sexual desire, pleasant sensations during sex, but orgasm does not occur.
  2. Orgasm does not occur with different types of sexual intercourse and with masturbation. Otherwise, there is no question of sexual coldness.
  3. A woman does not experience pleasant sensations from sexual intercourse. In such situations, doctors talk about a decrease or complete absence of libido.

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Frigidity – types

Speaking of frigidity in women, what it is, sexologists call the following types:

  1. Retardation frigidity. This type of disease is temporary. It is associated with a delay in the development of sexual desire.
  2. Symptomatic frigidity. This type of sexual coldness in women often occurs as a result of any diseases or developmental abnormalities. Symptomatic frigidity responds well to treatment and is temporary. In this case, the drug for the treatment of frigidity Tribestan will be effective.
  3. constitutional frigidity. This kind of coldness is considered to be an innate feature of women who can be psychologically and physically healthy. At the same time, such women do not experience sexual attraction and specific experiences during intercourse.
  4. Psychogenic frigidity. Its causes are often psychological trauma. This may be disappointment in men, and dislike for a partner, an unsuccessful first experience of sexual relations.

Can frigidity be cured?

Upon learning of their diagnosis, women are interested in whether frigidity is treated. Doctors assure that it is possible to defeat the disease, but for this it is necessary to understand the reasons for what is happening to her, understand and accept your problems in the sexual sphere, and be sure to trust a good specialist. Female coldness often has physiological and psychological causes.

Frigidity in women – treatment

Many women, faced with such a problem, want to know how to get rid of frigidity as soon as possible. It is known that in most cases female coldness has a psychogenic character. It becomes clear that drugs that increase sexual desire will not be able to give the desired effect. To defeat frigidity, first of all, it is necessary to find the causes of its occurrence and try to eliminate them.

So, if a specialist detects the presence of physiological causes of a woman’s coldness, she will prescribe an effective drug treatment. If the root cause is in the psychological aspects, then you can seek help from an experienced psychotherapist or try to solve the problems yourself. Psychotherapeutic work will normalize the activity of the sexual sphere of a woman, return the joy of intimacy with a man.

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Frigidity – drug treatment

In medicine, the treatment of anorgasmia is carried out by various drugs. Among the most popular:

  • Tribestan;
  • Tribulustan.

These medications do not have side effects and help to effectively get rid of many female diseases, including those associated with hormonal disruptions. However, before starting the treatment of frigidity in women, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since only he can know which drug will be most effective in a particular case.

Frigidity – treatment with folk remedies

Some on personal experience have to learn frigidity in women what it is. Proven folk remedies help many to get rid of it. It is considered very effective ginseng for frigidity. Treatment at home is often carried out with the help of dietary supplements with a plant that enhances sexual desire. However, in no case is it recommended to mix ginseng root with caffeine. Otherwise, it will lead to overstimulation. Also, with frigidity, a tincture of pink radiola is used.

Infusion of pink radiola for frigidity


  • pink radiola tincture – 10-15 drops;
  • warm water – a glass.

Preparation and application

  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Take before meals for 3-5 months.

Herbal infusion


  • herbal collection – chamomile, wild rose, nettle.
  • water (boiling water) – one glass.

Preparation and application

  1. Herbal collection is poured with boiling water.
  2. Insist 2-3 hours.
  3. Infusion take 1/3 cup before meals.

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How to satisfy a frigid woman?

If there is a frigid woman in a married couple, this is a problem for two and it must be solved by all means together. Mutual support and understanding of who is nearby is very important here. In no case can you reproach that a frigid wife does not fulfill her marital duty and put ultimatums. It is important to consult a doctor in a timely manner, which will help eliminate the coldness of a woman. A man, on the other hand, should try to pay maximum attention to his beloved and, as often as possible, talk not about the problem, but about his sincere feelings. Attention, love and care can work wonders and turn a cold woman into a passionate one.