“Can there be love apart from sex if there is no desire? Is fatigue an excuse for “not wanting”? What to do with the head, or rather, the thoughts in it, if the body does not react to the caresses of the parterre from the word at all? Men and women complain of low libido, aged and very young, free or in a relationship. Listen, everything is fine with people, but you don’t want sex. And this is, in fact, a huge problem, I would say, on a national scale, ” – He speaks Doctor Zubareva, doctor of preventive and anti-aging medicine.

What is libido and how does it affect the quality of sexual life

Libido is an attraction to the opposite sex, which, as the well-known to a wide range of readers, considered
Sigmund Freud, is the most important life energy, the basis of the foundations and the beginning of the beginnings. As soon as the inhabitants of Russia got used to the fact that there is still sex in our country, and it is possible and necessary to talk about it, even if you are a respected mother of the family or a school teacher, the issues of sexual desire received worthy attention.

Libido is surrounded by many myths, but the fact that regular sex is the basis of reproductive health and is the key to a good family microclimate is an undeniable fact. You can convince yourself that “anything can happen” all you want, but you should know that your level of sexual desire can be affected by everything that is somehow related to blood circulation, hormones, physical pain or discomfort, as well as medications (including antidepressants and COC).

Therefore, if instead of sex you choose a cupcake over and over again, do not waste time on the mostly meaningless courses of “ideal lovers”, do not wind yourself up if you want, and your spouse refers to fatigue and snores, turning to the wall, but run to the doctor and take analyses. Indeed, in fact, three-quarters of cases of reduced libido is due to hormonal failure.

Libido is directly related to stress, the higher it is, the more problems with attraction. Even a banal change in schedule (you changed jobs and began to spend an hour and a half longer on the road) or food preferences (sat on a low-calorie diet) can have a significant impact on your body. The diet should be healthy fats: 2-3 times a week, eat fatty marine fish of wild origin, every day – unrefined oils, raw nuts, avocados, coconut oil.

Doctor Zubareva

Photo: from the personal archive of Natalia Zubareva

In general, it is very important to understand that there is a psychological component – desire, and a physical one – excitement, and a failure can already occur in one part. For example, women in the premenopausal period, the first stage of menopause, often have purely physiological problems, such as vaginal dryness, which spoil all the sensations of sex and certainly spoil the mood, and there it goes.

And what a shame it is when hormones literally “fool” a woman’s head, turning a sexy kitty into a vixen who only wants to eat, kill and cry. Every woman, starting from the age of 25 for sure, or even earlier (all health problems are now very younger), should take care of her hormonal background and libido as an important indicator of its norm.

In fact, it can be anything: a decrease in DHEA (adrenal androgen) and testosterone levels, an increase in cortisol, a decrease in estrogen and / or progesterone. There are many hormones, and this is exactly the case when every gopher in the field of your sexual health is a commander leading his “regiment” to attack your health.


Constant fatigue, tearfulness, eternal PMS, infertility, endometriosis, PCOS – low libido always wanders somewhere nearby. As a specialist in integrative preventive and anti-aging medicine, I have techniques that will help maintain libido without any special efforts and without the use of chemicals.

How to increase libido and return desire

So first of all we put things in order with the daily routine and its content. It is important for you to get up no later than 6.30-7.00 in the morning and go to bed at 22-23 in the evening, then you fall into natural biorhythms and feel great, allowing the body to function as nature intended.

Second: minimize stress, for starters, to get adequate test results for hormones. For many of my patients, the discovery that donating blood on the run, late for work, and waltzing into the lab is guaranteed to see wrong readings. That’s how sensitive they are, our hormones.

Therefore, for tests – in a calm state, strictly following all the rules for preparing for them, and then we transfer this state to our whole life. Walking, yoga, swimming, meditation, drawing – achieve harmony and eliminate stress.

Thirdly, add in life romance! Sometimes buying scented candles and new linens can work as an aphrodisiac. Along the way, find out what’s going on with your health. Maybe everything is in order with the hormones, and the body’s resources are now directed to other purposes? Or do you think that you are fine, but in fact you drink COCs and have what you have?

Separately, I will note adaptogens, but I will immediately make a reservation that I do not know your contraindications and individual characteristics, and a specialist consultation is necessary before starting the reception. Maca Peruvian, Rhodiola rosea and Ashwagandha are great for chronic stress, improve overall well-being and eliminate stress-related sexual problems.

Feel free to admit your problem, it’s not embarrassing and modern medicine knows how to help you.

By the way, on September 14, everyone can attend the seminar Day of Health of Dr. Zubareva, which will be held at the Crocus City Hall.