The world of games before sex is exciting and diverse. In terms of the richness of sensations, caresses can compete with intercourse itself, and in terms of the level of emotional intensity – even surpass it!

Foreplay before sex is sometimes compared to a delicious dessert, depriving yourself of which is a big mistake. High-quality foreplay removes the problem of arousal before sex and brings sexual partners to a common denominator, synchronizing their ascension to the peak of pleasure – somewhat slowing down a man, and, on the contrary, speeding up a woman.

According to statistics, the average duration of sexual intercourse is only two minutes and twenty seconds. With the prelude, this figure rises to four minutes. And this means that the average couple spends very little time on caresses before sex. And although sexual technique and penis size are of paramount importance, gentle touches are also extremely important in intimacy.

Who needs foreplay?

According to the estimates of the American sexologists Johnson and Masters, the prelude before sex should be on average five times the duration of the sexual intercourse itself and last 15-50 minutes. The reason for this duration lies in the physiology of the female sex – the excitement of the beautiful half comes more slowly. Usually, the question of how to excite a guy before sex is not worth it – a few minutes of foreplay or a couple of exciting words before sex is enough for a man – and he is ready to “rush into battle.” A woman needs a little more time for this. Therefore, in order to achieve sexual harmony, the partner must be “warmed up”. Most men are able to “be patient” and properly prepare their partner for intercourse.

Most of all, young girls and men over forty need long games before sex. Experienced women “turn on” easier – because they know how to get turned on before sex, where to direct a partner, and can instruct him by talking about the most sensual areas of his body.

How to behave before sex?

According to the research of the Latvian sexologist Janis Zalitis, foreplay should be divided into two periods, differing in their length:

  • caresses of erogenous zones that are above the belt should be given most of the time;
  • zones below the waist - smaller, only 30%.

Unfortunately, often men do not know how to caress a woman and what to do before sex. The fact is that men have relatively few erogenous zones - most of them are located in the area of ​​​​the penis and scrotum, so they "act" along a pre-"run-in" route and do not want to explore the body of their partner. But in women, various parts of the body can act as erogenous zones - the back of the head, earlobes, the area between the shoulder blades, toes, etc. Therefore, a man who wants to give his partner real pleasure should try to discover these hidden sensitive places.

Men can also enjoy:

  1. A massage that relieves the tension accumulated during the day and prepares him for love pleasures.
  2. After the massage, you can move on to kissing, how to behave before sexstroking and touching erogenous zones. In this case, one can also turn to "sexual devices": feathers, silk scarves, etc.
  3. Next, move on to stimulating the man's genitals, and your touch should not be too soft or rough. When stimulating a member, do not forget about the crotch and perineum, the massage of which gives men great pleasure.

So, foreplay before sex is a kind of sexual game in which each partner gets his own role and portion of satisfaction, so do not deprive yourself of the joy of participating in it.