Sex toy stuck for 10 years

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Doctors have repeatedly come across different types of sex toys, randomly lost in the bowels of people who are too addicted to masturbation. But this was the first time they had seen this: a dildo was found in the vagina of a 38-year-old Scottish woman, which had disappeared ten years ago.

The patient complained of weight loss, catatonia, tremors and syncope. The medical staff of the Aberdeen Royal Hospital convinced the woman to talk about her intimate life, and it turned out that 10 years ago, her partner persuaded her to use a sex device. Both partners were very drunk, so they probably just did not notice the loss …


The woman was diagnosed with a vesicovaginal fistula, that is, a hole was found between her urinary tract and the vagina. The stuck toy caused urine to collect in the kidneys and cause these symptoms.


Boiled egg in the anus

The egg was found in a 56-year-old woman from Iran and, as it turned out, had nothing to do with sexual games. Dr. Mahammad Tagi Niknejad commented on this case from his practice as follows: “Some village women used an egg by inserting it into the anus to cure a number of diseases. They do not have constant access to medical care, so they use the remedies that their grandmothers advised them to.”


Handcuff Keys


Some couples are actively involved in sexual role-playing, where they pretend to be a police officer and a detainee. A Canadian couple imagined how a horny dragon kidnaps a beautiful princess, handcuffs her… and hides the keys in the most secret place of her body.

Doctors removed the keys that were in close proximity to the cervix, but warned the victim that such “playfulness” could lead to disastrous consequences, up to surgery, because the threat was not only in possible infections, but also in damage to the vaginal wall.


mobile phone swab

Okay, it wasn’t all that random. A woman in Romania has been arrested for stealing a phone from a lady in a restaurant. She pulled it off the table, went to the bathroom and just stuffed her cell phone inside herself like a tampon.

The lady reported the loss, almost immediately the police arrived and … called him. We bet it was the most unusual phone call they’ve ever had. In general, the phone was removed with the help of doctors. True, the victim for some reason did not want to take it back.


“Magic Dust”


A couple from California decided to literally sweeten their lives, including sexual ones. For these purposes, they used a sweet, produced in the form of a powder, which, if put on the tongue, will “explode”, slightly tingling.

The woman simply “filled in” a treat in the expectation that her vagina would be as pleasant as her tongue. But something went wrong. Instead of feeling a slight tingle, she felt itching and burning. Having gone to the doctor, the woman was forced to undergo several not very pleasant cleansing procedures. According to the doctor, the chemical composition of sweets is completely unsuitable for the vaginal mucosa and can cause infections, including candidiasis.


broom handle

It was found inside a man and caused the death of the unfortunate. A man used a broom handle for masturbation: a fan of original caresses climbed onto a stepladder and sat on the handle, plunging it into himself as deeply as he could. Unfortunately, one day something went wrong. The stairs collapsed, and the man was impaled on a broom like a beetle on a needle.

Unfortunately, she went through it, damaging the liver, pancreas and got to the heart.