I will say right away that this duet was already present in our repertoire. We already had a toy with similar functionality from the American brand Womanizer. We then called him the “Maybach” in the world of sex toys and we do not take back our words. In terms of quality and performance – a car of one hundred thousand horses (not in the literal sense), but also at a price, respectively. Satisfyer, on the other hand, offered a cheaper option.

Packaging and appearance

In this case, the toy is packed without frills: in cardboard and plastic, but this is not the main thing, right? Manufacturers have chosen an alternative color option – white. This is probably my first white toy, and here I must say right away that, in my opinion, this decision is unsuccessful. In certain lighting, the gadget seems grayish and has something of a zombie in it.


But I have not a single complaint about the quality of silicone: it is soft, silky, it is pleasant to touch it. The toy looks like a classic rabbit – there is a vaginal part, not too big, not too small, just right; but instead of a process where the clitoral stimulator is usually located, there is a vacuum suction cup.



button, button, comma

To be honest, it took me some time to figure out how to control the device, so “what if I don’t understand where to press without instructions!” it will not work. Didn’t understand. There is a large white button divided into two sections. If something is drawn on them, then because of the white silicone, the pattern is not visible. This button is surrounded by a plastic oval, which is also a button.

The first, as I found out, to control the clitoral part of the stimulator, the second – the vaginal. Having figured it out, I came to the conclusion that I rather like the fact that I can turn on or off the two parts of the toy at will. I can use them together, I can use them separately.

Now the most important thing is vacuum stimulation. Even on the quietest mode, it is not very soft, so everything will depend only on the sensitivity of your clitoris and your constitution. It will take manual dexterity to attach the gadget so that all the mechanisms fit into the grooves. They may not enter, because, for example, I failed to create the vacuum that you expect from a vacuum stimulator. If you are used to the delicate Womanizer, then the more aggressive Satisfyer will most likely not suit you – keep that in mind.

But it’s quite good as a budget toy for those who know they like it hot!