First sex - how to prepare and how to behave during the first sex?

Someday it happens to everyone – the first sex, the first intimate discoveries, the first orgasm and impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. This event involves the participation of two people, a lot will depend on the partner, and this is especially true for men. If you prepare in advance for the act, then everything will go without a hitch.

First sex – psychology

If we consider the process from a psychological point of view, then it is of the greatest importance for girls. The loss of virginity for a guy is more natural and desirable, but from an early age, girls are told by their parents that this can only be done with a beloved and constant partner, and some are even told that this is a dirty and unworthy occupation for pure and innocent young ladies. As a result, many of the fair sex experience fear and reverent horror before the first intercourse, especially since they expect nothing but pain from him.

This is understandable, because the first sex causes deprivation of virginity, and if you believe the books and stories of older friends, then this process is painful and is accompanied by the release of blood. At the same time, the girl also thinks about the consequences of her act, how the guy will behave after everything that happened, whether he will turn away from her, whether he will boast in front of friends, etc.

When should be the first sex?

In Muslim countries and gypsy communities, girls are married off as early as 11 or 12 years old, and many boys are already fathers at 15. Yes, theoretically a girl is ready for conception from the moment she begins her period, but is she ready for it physiologically and psychologically? The body grows and develops up to 17-18 years, and doctors call this age for the first sex ideal. Another thing is that modern youth is more liberated in this matter compared to those who experienced similar psychological torments 20-30 years ago.

They began to talk on this topic without hesitation and more freely, but here it is just important who will tell young people about intimate relationships and how he will do it. You should not dismiss the moral aspect, because you can fall in love like Romeo and Juliet at a young age and it is quite natural to merge both spiritually and physically, or you can keep your virginity up to 25 years old, but give it to a notorious bastard and a scoundrel who will not appreciate it.

What sensations at the first sex?

Most girls prepare themselves for discomfort, pain, and bleeding, but this does not happen to everyone. Feelings during the first sex depend on many factors:

  1. The thickness of the hymen. The older the girl, the denser she has this mucous membrane before entering the vagina. However, for this reason, you should not rush to lose your virginity as early as possible, because this is not chickenpox. But it’s not worth the hassle. Experts recommend getting the first experience of intimate relationships before the age of 25.
  2. The filling of the hymen with blood vessels and nerve endings. Everything here is purely individual.
  3. The pain threshold of a woman.
  4. The amount of lubricant released, and it directly depends on the degree of excitation. Therefore, the first sex must be accompanied by a long or sufficient foreplay.
  5. Psychological readiness for sex. For the first act, most women choose a partner for whom they have feelings, feel the unity of souls. Men are less selective in this respect.

how to have sex for the first time

First Sex Tips

There is no standard algorithm for everyone, so those who are interested in how to have sex for the first time can be advised to relax, not worry and try to just be yourself. Sex is the pinnacle, the culmination of spiritual unity, love, and therefore you just need to try to give another pleasure – the kind that you would like to receive yourself.

How to prepare for the first sex?

Pre-training is of particular importance for a girl, and given that she is already nervous and worried, then the atmosphere and atmosphere should be tuned in the appropriate way. Having sex for the first time will not be overshadowed by nervous tension and negative emotions if:

  1. Find a suitable space. Ideally, this should happen at the house of a girl or a guy, when there will be no one else in it. If this is not possible, then you can rent a hotel room.
  2. Take care of the surroundings and design – pick up beautiful slow music, light candles, pour a glass of wine for your partner and yourself. It is better not to joke with alcohol, otherwise the first night in life will be hopelessly ruined.
  3. On the first date in your life, everyone should come prepared. Guys, as a rule, already have experience of self-satisfaction and know what an orgasm is. For both, it will not be superfluous to read the relevant literature, watch erotic films to learn everything about erogenous zones and ways to give pleasure.

How to behave during the first sex?

It is good if one of the partners and it is better if it is a man who already has experience of sexual relations. But even if both are virgins, this does not mean that nothing will work out. Although it is better to prepare yourself psychologically in advance. In general, sexologists recommend starting direct penetration only after a series of non-contact sex. It is necessary to study each other well, to work out petting for some time, and only then the first sex in life can happen. This will save partners from disappointment and other unpleasant consequences.

How to have sex for the first time?

The first time for that and the first, so as not to rush and not try to try everything that is possible. Partners are just starting to master the science of love, so the necessary “minimum” will be enough. The girl’s first sex should leave a pleasant impression, and gentle and unhurried caresses of the partner will help to achieve this. Their duration is purely individual, but even an inexperienced partner in matters of intimacy will understand whether the partner likes them or not.

Positions for the first sex

It is so physiologically arranged that a man is ready for intercourse right away, and a woman needs time to get excited. When a sufficient amount of vaginal lubrication is released, you can proceed to direct intercourse. Those who ask what to do during the first sex and what position to choose can, without further ado, stop at the classic missionary position. This is the most successful option not only for breaking the hymen. It is also convenient psychologically. The girl does not need to control the process and move in time with her partner. She can relax and trust her beloved.

how to prepare for first sex

What to do after the first sex?

The answer to this question will largely depend on what kind of protection the partners choose. If a man chose to use a condom, then he will immediately go to the bathroom to remove it and carry out hygiene procedures. If the couple opts for any of the contraceptive gels, lubricants and pills, then their introduction should be taken care of in advance, although this is not the best option for the first sex, as it requires time control.

The first unprotected sex can end in pregnancy, like all subsequent ones, and this must be remembered. It is still difficult for a male novice to control himself, there is not enough practice, and interrupted sexual intercourse protects only 60% from pregnancy. To prevent pregnancy after the first sex, it is recommended to douche and take a contraceptive drug intended for use after unprotected intercourse.

First sex – mistakes

If both young people are filled with the desire to please each other, then everything will go like clockwork. Another thing is if the partner is rude, hurried and only cares about his own pleasure. Then there will be a painful first sex, although discomfort can accompany a woman even with sufficient arousal. But with the skillful actions of a man, his further caresses and encouraging kisses, the partner will quickly forget about the pain and join the process.

But it’s not just guys who make mistakes. Often, girls prepare for a long act, and it takes only a few seconds. For those who are interested in how long the first sex lasts, it can be said that a lot depends on physiology and mood, but the partner is also worried, and if he does this for the first time, he is unlikely to be able to hold out for a long time and stretch out the pleasure. Therefore, do not make fun of him and laugh. If both decide to continue this relationship, then in the future he will certainly show himself from the best side.