female squirt orgasm

Do you know what a real female orgasm is? What are its manifestations? What is the peak of sexual pleasure? Take your time with the answer – if everything was so simple, people would have lost interest in intimacy long ago. Some argue that orgasm as such does not exist, others claim that it happens – but they did not have to feel it. Only a few women can confidently state that yes, orgasm does take place and they have repeatedly managed to experience it!

There are several varieties of female orgasm, each of them carries a unique, vivid and memorable sensation. However, the strongest female orgasm is squirting. What is it really and how is it different from others? Let’s understand this mysterious female process together.

Types of female orgasms

clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is one of the most common and quickly achievable types of female orgasm. It can be achieved both independently, by stimulating the clitoris with the middle finger, and during intercourse with a man. To do this, you just need to relax and let your partner satisfy you by caressing the clitoris with a tongue, a finger or a penis head – at your discretion.

vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm is a strong enough feeling, it is his achievement that is a sign for men that the partner is completely satisfied. A woman, as a rule, reaches it with rapid movements of the penis, regardless of its length, thickness and other parameters. Getting a woman an orgasm, therefore, is not at all difficult, you just need to completely relax and follow the desires of your body.

Uterine orgasm

The female uterine orgasm is a direct refutation of the fact that “size is not the main thing”, since in order to achieve such pleasure, the partner’s penis at the time of intercourse must reach the uterus, which not everyone can do. Frequent contact of the head of the penis with the uterus causes convulsive trembling and muscle contraction, as a result of which the woman heaves and emits a groan of pleasure, that is, receives this very uterine orgasm. In some cases, the pleasure becomes repeated. The frequency of the female orgasm during intercourse can increase up to three to four times, with additional stimulation of the clitoris.

Squirting orgasm (squirting)

Despite the fact that all types of female orgasms cause vivid and unique sensations, the jet orgasm is the most powerful. It is called the very peak of pleasure, about which the pages of women’s magazines trumpet and thinkers argue. Surely, you also had to stumble upon the mysterious expression “squirting” more than once. However, did you manage to get a jet orgasm?

Feature of jet orgasm

strong girl orgasm

What is a female jet orgasm? This is sexual intercourse, ending in female ejaculation, at the moment of which a stream of liquid splashes out of the vagina. Many girls who had to experience this pleasure for the first time are confused and even frightened by what is happening, but in vain! For most men, squirt is the only true proof that the partner really experienced this very orgasm, and not just feigned it.

Of course, there are also unenlightened individuals – questions often appear on women’s forums regarding how to prove to a partner that the release of a large amount of fluid from the vagina is not urination at all, but a strong female orgasm! If such a fate befell you, do not be discouraged, poke your beloved with a detailed video and description of squirting, and for more confidence, suggest reading this article.

How to experience a jet orgasm?

It is much easier to experience a strong female orgasm of a vaginal or uterine nature than to achieve an eruption of female nectar, but take my word for it – it’s worth it! The ecstasy caused by this kind of orgasm is like no other – you can soar to the skies, as the women’s novelists promise, and moan with pleasure like any porn star.

You can get a female jet orgasm through proper stimulation of the G-spot, but in addition you will have to use the clitoris and your entire body. It’s worth starting with foreplay, thanks to which you can get excited and tune in to the right wave. Everything must happen spontaneously. When you feel the urge, let your partner penetrate with your index or middle finger to stimulate the G-spot. His movements should be frequent and intense. Your task now is to caress the clitoris. Next, proceed to intercourse – choose the position that is most suitable for the contact of the penis with the front of your vagina, since that is where the cherished G-spot is located. As a rule, this is the position in which a man penetrates you from behind or is on top. If the “man on top” position is more suitable for you, place a large pillow under your hips, this will enable you to choose the most appropriate pace and rhythm.

During intercourse, continue to caress the clitoris or let your partner do it. Soon you will feel the approach of a jet orgasm. There will be a desire as when urinating, but do not try to restrain yourself – the liquid that begins to erupt from the vagina is not urine at all, but squirt. Often it has a sweetish-tart smell, although some have no smell at all. This strange process is accompanied by truly divine sensations, after which you certainly will not doubt the existence of sexual satisfaction.

The duration of the female orgasm directly depends on the strength of its manifestation. A jet orgasm is often accompanied by a multi-orgasm – several bouts of pleasure at once, during which a woman, as a rule, loses control over herself and gives herself to pleasure.

A girl’s strong orgasm is the main reward for her partner. strong girl orgasmContrary to popular belief, it is not common for men to only care about their own pleasure in bed. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex are very worried if their partner is left unsatisfied.

Are you still wondering how to experience a female orgasm? Experiment, study your body, be honest with your partner, and don’t forget about your emotional state. The reason for sexual dissatisfaction is sometimes not physical features, but the moral state in which you are at the time of intimate relationships. Get rid of embarrassment, choose a comfortable environment for yourself and get real pleasure from love joys.