Female pathogen - what it is, how it works and how much it works, existing types of funds

A special drug that raises libido in the beautiful half of humanity is a female pathogen. This is a tool that helps to relax and tune in to sex when anxiety, stress and other factors interfere. What kind of supplement is this, how to take it correctly, what side effects may appear, both the woman and her partner need to know.

What is a female pathogen?

In modern life, full of stress, it happens that sometimes a woman cannot get enough satisfaction from sexual intimacy with a partner. The reasons for this are different, from past psychological trauma to physiological problems. In these cases, experts recommend using a special drug – a female pathogen. Such funds are presented in different forms, so you can take a pill or add a few drops to a drink. The drug that increases libido is designed to normalize the sexual life of women.

How does the female pathogen work?

In order to understand how the female pathogen works, you should understand its constituent components. Most of the drugs have a natural basis, and consist of natural aphrodisiacs that dilate blood vessels, activate the work of the brain and enhance metabolic processes. The action of the pathogen for women begins quickly, so special preparations are capable of:

  • raise sexual arousal;
  • enhance the brightness of sensations;
  • increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • help loosen up;
  • increase the chance of getting an orgasm;
  • have a tonic effect on the whole body.

how does the female exciter work

How long does the female pathogen work?

Modern stimulant drugs with certificates confirming the safety of use for women are not addictive and have a lasting effect. Within 15-20 min. after using the excitation agent, a woman can feel its effect, which, according to experts, lasts up to 5 hours. In the instructions for a particular drug, manufacturers indicate the exact time of action.

Types of pathogens

On sale you can find a variety of tools that guarantee the stimulation of sexual activity. Female pathogen in pharmacies and each type has a different effect on the body. Drugs taken orally work harder and guarantee increasing arousal. Means that are applied topically act more slowly and do not have such a strong effect. The causative agent for women in pharmacies can be purchased:

  • in drops;
  • in tablets;
  • in powder;
  • in the form of chewing gum;
  • in the form of a gel.

Pathogen for women in drops

Sexual desire sometimes needs additional stimulation. In this case, a female pathogen comes to the rescue, and drops are the most convenient form for taking the drug orally. It is convenient to add them to a drink, for example, tea or a cocktail, and after 15-20 minutes. feel the effect. An example of such drugs: “Silver Fox”, “Thailand Red Spider”, “Wobble”. The action of pathogens is noticeable by external signs: a woman’s face turns pink, breathing becomes quickened, attraction intensifies. The advantages of drugs in drops are undeniable:

  • fast and lasting effect;
  • minimal adverse reactions;
  • can be added to food or drink discreetly.

activator for women in drops

Pathogen for women in tablets

Drugs that increase sexual activity are also available in the form of tablets. Such a female pathogen is convenient to use. The scheme of using drugs is simple: in 10-15 minutes. before the expected proximity, it is necessary to drink a pill and drink it with a small amount of water (unless otherwise indicated in the instructions for a particular drug). The simultaneous intake of fatty foods and strong alcohol along with strong female pathogens is prohibited, this leads to unpleasant side effects:

  • nausea;
  • hallucinations;
  • exacerbation of existing diseases.

Good reviews have drugs such as “G Female” and “Libidrol”. The advantages of such funds are as follows:

  • quick effect;
  • lack of addiction;
  • herbal ingredients.

The causative agent for women chewing gum

Chewing gum is included in the list of the best female pathogens. Not in every situation it is convenient to take pills and drink them with water. The causative agent for women in this form has a herbal composition, a minimum content of chemical components, and significantly stimulates libido. Chewing gums “Detonator”, “Prolong Love gum” are common on the market. The advantages of such funds are:

  • compatibility with alcoholic beverages and a variety of drugs;
  • ease of use.

The activator for women in powder

Preparations in this form are also convenient to use. The female pathogen in the pharmacy in the form of a powder is presented in packaged sachets for a single use. Each sachet contains 5 g of powder, soluble in any drink. The action of the drug begins in 5-10 minutes. and lasts up to 24 hours. Common powder format arousal agents are Forte Love and Women’s Viagra. The powder exciter has the following advantages:

  • natural composition enriched with vitamins;
  • budget cost;
  • minimum adverse reactions;
  • lack of habit.

powder for women

Pathogen for women – contraindications

There are various medications and dietary supplements for a full intimate life. Preparations for arousal are best selected with a doctor, which minimizes the risk of side effects. Before using any drug, you must read the instructions for use and contraindications. For many funds they are similar:

  • virginity;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • allergic reactions to components;
  • the use of drugs containing nitric oxide;
  • malignant tumors;
  • diseases of the reproductive system;
  • hypersexuality.

Pathogen for women – side effects

In some countries, female pathogens are sold strictly according to prescriptions; before issuing them, the doctor not only conducts a detailed examination of the patient, but also warns of possible side effects that may occur as a result of taking the remedy. Both the most powerful female pathogen and inexpensive drugs designed for short exposure can cause:

  • dizziness;
  • insomnia;
  • sleep disorders;
  • nausea;
  • pressure drop;
  • weaknesses;
  • depression.

pathogen for women side effects

Pathogen for women – rating

The choice of a drug to increase sexual activity should be approached responsibly. When wondering which female pathogen is the most effective, it is worth considering the existing rating.

  1. “Forte Love” contains plant extracts of raspberry, green tea, ginseng. Caffeine and L-arginine increase excitability and tone the body, relieving fatigue.
  2. “Women’s Viagra” considered an analogue of the male drug. Contains active ingredients that can increase a woman’s sexual desire.
  3. “G Female” – Spanish supplement containing 20 active substances. Well-established in the treatment of libido disorders associated with hormonal disruptions, nervous disorders, low vaginal tone.
  4. “Spanish fly” – a natural pathogen, the action of which is based on substances produced by a small beetle. The effect is noticeable immediately: the woman’s body becomes a continuous erogenous zone, the sensations are intensified.
  5. “Silver Fox” has a unique composition, contains extracts of plants growing in Thailand that can increase arousal.

How to make a female pathogen at home?

You can prepare a remedy that has a positive effect on libido, you can do it yourself. The female pathogen at home is prepared from available ingredients. There are many supplement options available to help a woman relax and unwind. Homemade female pathogen is a harmless drug, given the existing health problems. You should focus on two time-tested recipes, consisting of natural ingredients.

“Red Delight”


  • ground red pepper – 2 g;
  • mustard powder – 5 g;
  • tomato paste – 15 g;
  • lemon juice – 7 m;
  • quail eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • red wine – 200 ml.


  1. Mix ingredients (except wine) in a blender.
  2. Add the resulting mass to the wine.
  3. Heat the liquid in a water bath until bubbles appear.
  4. Cool down.
  5. Drink in 30 min. prior to intended sexual contact.

how to make a female pathogen at home

“Nut Seduction”


  • almonds – 20 g;
  • walnuts – 20 g;
  • pine nuts – 20 g;
  • coriander honey – 25 g.


  1. Chop nuts.
  2. Mix them in a blender with other ingredients.
  3. Daily to increase sexual desire, take 15 g of nut butter twice a day.