“Jealousy is a completely natural human emotion. It gives awareness that it is necessary to take care of a partner, win his trust and favor, and demonstrate advantages. Such are the laws of nature, which it is absolutely senseless to deny. The manifestation of feelings of jealousy in reasonable doses is not dangerous. However, women who do not know how to control emotions often face big family problems. If you do not stop in time, then jealousy will turn into a pathological form, and the family ship will get a hole and go to the bottom. Consider the main reasons that can lead to female jealousy, and how to overcome it. – He speaks Ekaterina Fedorovaa well-known family psychologist and sex coach, author of many books about family relationships.

The main causes of female jealousy and how to get rid of it

1. Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is the main enemy of women, as well as overestimation. In everything you need to adhere to the rule of the golden mean. There are women who call their husband 10 times a day to make sure that he is not cheating, or secretly check their husband’s phone and mail, trying to find evidence of infidelity. Most often, the reason for this behavior of a woman is doubts about her appearance and fear that her husband can find a replacement for her.

If something makes you uncomfortable, you need to fix it. For example, if the problem is in appearance, go in for sports and put your figure in order, or go to a beautician. The main thing is to raise self-esteem. Remember that spying on the basis of jealousy is a direct path to regular scandals, a shaky psyche, and, ultimately, to divorce.

2. Ownership

“No fishing! You have a family, better go to the store for bread. Sounds familiar and very unpleasant, right? Yes, you have a family, but this is not a reason for the privatization of the individual. You can not deprive your beloved man of leisure. Every man should have personal time, which he has the right to dispose of at his own discretion.

Treat your partner with respect and listen to their wishes. Today you will yield, tomorrow he will. Get rid of the sense of ownership – and then you will understand what trust and mutual respect are. Just think, I talked with a stranger in the yard. But if he talks to her for a week, then it is worth taking action.

But do not make a fuss and beat the dishes, but just talk and find out the subject of such a long dialogue. Learn to talk to a man. When you ask a person a direct question, the lie is always easy to figure out.

3. Emotional and sexual hunger

When a woman lacks communication or intimacy, she begins to wind herself up: “But didn’t her husband have a mistress?” or “Has he stopped loving me?” The thought that a man works hard and gets tired is not always the first thing that comes to mind.

But the mind is blocked by speculation, and again, instead of talking to the beloved man, unreasonable jealousy arises, resulting in a constant showdown. And with it – anger, resentment and despair. Of course, it can be difficult to overpower yourself and restrain emotions.

But it is not necessary to restrain them – it is important to learn how to experience them, find the cause and draw conclusions. There is not enough communication, attention, sex – tell about it, do not be silent. After all, we can’t blame men for not being able to read our thoughts.

Don’t let jealousy control you!