fake orgasm

Women and men are different beings. No one is better, no worse, they just have different psychological and physiological characteristics. And to achieve orgasm they need different ways, time. In men, the state of sexual euphoria is more of a physiological nature, and in women it is psychological. It is generally accepted that it is sometimes more difficult for representatives to reach the peak of pleasure in bed, and sometimes some resort to such female tricks as imitation of orgasm. But it is worth noting that not only women in sexual relations with their partner are cunning, but also men. Let’s try to figure out what a fake orgasm is and how to recognize an imitation of an orgasm in women and men.

Imitation female orgasm

There are times when, due to fatigue or other reasons, you don’t have the strength to strive for the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, but you don’t want to offend your partner, then we will give examples of how an orgasm like a real one should look like.

  1. When there is a desire to end intercourse, begin to breathe often, hold your breath for a couple of seconds and exhale sharply.
  2. Squeeze tightly in your partner’s arms. You can scratch or bite.
  3. In a quickened rhythm, move your hips towards your partner.
  4. Tighten your legs, spread your fingers, stretch into a string.

Your partner can declassify you if he listens to your body. With a true orgasm, the vaginal walls involuntarily contract, the partner’s legs and arms are convulsed.

If you imitate an orgasm, then after sex you should not immediately run to the bathroom, etc. After a high-quality orgasm, a woman usually needs to lie down and catch her breath.

Male imitation orgasm

If a woman can fake an orgasm with her artistry, then this option is not suitable for a man. The biological proof of an orgasm is semen. But in the sexology of the East, methods of a man’s multiple orgasm are practiced, in which the sperm stops before it has time to flow out. This is achieved by training specific muscles. But most men do not own such techniques, and there are in suchmale fake orgasm stop ejaculation harm to health.

The only possibility that your partner did not experience an orgasm, but simply circled you around his finger, is that if he, being without a condom, did not come, despite moans and convulsive twitches. But you are unlikely to be able to determine if your man lied to you if you have sex in dim lights and your partner is wearing a condom.

So, imitation of an orgasm is not the most excellent option for improving sexual relations. If for some reason you are unable to experience an orgasm, you should talk about it with your partner than deceive both him and yourself.